Your House is Sad Because You Don’t Stay Home and Homeschool?

Your House is Sad Because You Don’t Stay Home and Homeschool? December 22, 2017

Lori Alexanders BrainWe’ve back in the trenches of the abounding bad ideas of one Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife. She’s been super busy this week sounding off the same awful idea of Larry Solomon that being a Godly Christian man and woman stops all sexual assault. Plus she’s going back to her one-note parade of stay home, keep house and homeschool your children or you’re some sort of lazy, evil, feminist.

Awww, Your Poor Lonely House!

Lori didn’t write this, someone else did, but Lori’s comments are in italicized quotes. This first part Lori does not comment on. She took this from a simple life lifestyle blog. I’m not sure if the original author is Christian, much less Quiverfull, but the blog tics many of Lori’s idols – organic, stay at home mother, gardening, organizing, living without.

Lori16She’s making some pretty big assumptions about the lives of others. Alcoholics and addicts? Anti-depression meds is a pretty dangerous stance since those drugs are sometimes needed by people and it is not a moral or religious failing.

Lori17The most jaw dropping thinking here is that the house and children cannot be properly enjoyed or tended because of a job. It might be for the original author but most women that work seem to develop a way to do all of those things and neglect no one or nothing.  Advising single working mothers to trust on God for the money to run the house so she can stay home sounds cruel. Lori keeps saying she knows plenty that do just that is pure fantasy. Someone has to bring home the money to keep the household running.

Homeschool Because Bible, Not Your Feelings

Lori18I will agree with Lori that there are just those things you must do no matter how you feel about them. I’m never excited or happy to scoop the cat box twice daily, but I’m adult enough to understand if I want to keep an indoor cat and have the house not smell like the cat house i the zoo I must do this. I don’t ask God to convict me of it either!

Lori ‘grieved’ for the same young women she was judging as immodest? Part of the problem with this idea in QF of isolating your children from breasts, derrieres and other body parts along with different people is that you seriously handicap your child being able to navigate the outside world successfully. All of these things with by shocking or difficult for those kids raised in isolation. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the very sheltered children of Debi and Michael Pearl.

Lori19Yet another time a female cultural enforcer tells us to deny our feelings, which is never healthy. You don’t have to rush about being emotional, or even showing emotion. Some are private, or don’t feel comfortable sharing what they are feeling and that’s okay. Not be allowed to have thoughts or feelings is one of the ways that fundamentalist religions control others.

Homeschool if you want, send your children to public or private schools. This is another personal choice issue unlike what Lori is claiming here. I have to wonder what went down during her years teaching in a public elementary school that has turned her so against public education.

Pat on the Butt Not So Bad But Sin Causes Rape


Here Lori excuses abusive behavior of men towards women with that old fundamentalist chestnut that says men are beast-like and cannot control their libidos, turning all women into a enforcer community in charge of men’s eyes and hands. She thinks as little of men apparently as she does of women. Charming, a round of hate for everyone.

Lori21Lori’s busy excusing men of sexual crimes because they are strong men? Or at least stronger than she is.

Lori22Rape is a crime of violence, not lust. It is a way to exert power, control women, humiliate the woman. I would say that any man that uses forced sex as power over a woman is a misogynistic hater of women. This is not about sex, this is about power, and as long as society tries to keep the power dynamic of patriarchy we’re going to see more sexual assaults.

Lori has no idea what a good man is, just what the weak jealous wimpy men of the patriarchy are like.

moreRead more laughable notions by Lori

Women – Give Up, Stay Home and Cook


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