Women – Give Up, Stay Home and Cook!

Women – Give Up, Stay Home and Cook! December 18, 2017
In counterpoint to Lori’s kitchen towel picture she published with one of her ‘You Must Cook!’ screeds here’s mine with a somewhat more relaxed motto than hers insisting that the kitchen is her “Happy Place”

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has been a One-Note Wonder this week. All of her posts involve one thing and one thing only. Stay home because Bible with a random you must cook!

Didn’t we just see that crazy illogic leap the other day by Nancy Campbell saying you had to stay home and cook from scratch because Jesus cooked breakfast for his fishing buddies?

Sometimes I wonder if the female cultural enforcers in Quiverfull have Hive Mind, like something out of an ancient Sci-Fi movie. Do their foreheads start pulsing and then all of them have the exact same idea at the same time, or is it merely that the pool of original thought in their group is dwindling so that they have to copy one another?

Alright, let’s get the weekly Lori Alexander Rodeo of women-silencing out of the way.

Be Pretty But Not Too Pretty


Does not this run counter to all the modesty talk by Lori, where she says you need to be pretty and feminine, just like your husband likes, and keep your looks up?

She makes a good point that you cannot build your entire life around your looks, but seriously, do women even do that any longer? I remember this being more of a thing back in the 1950s and 60s, back when women had much fewer spheres o influence.

The only people I’ve seen outside of Hollywood doing this is in the Evangelical world, the only place left in America that gets to insist you do personal appearance their way.

Next Silly Women, You Don’t Need Rights!

Lori9Lori’s complaining about women who would dare to ask for rights during the coming Women’s Marches in January. I’ve skipped the part where she claims a good scolding by a man like Ken would end all this silly women wanting rights.

Lori9Ah, the feminist strawwoman that Lori secretly fears are having more satisfaction and happiness than her. Jealousy.

No Starbucks For Yooooooou! STAY HOME

Another way to put down any women that gets a part time job or just feels a need to get out and have friends.

Lori10It’s healthy and normal to have and need friends. A support system. You can still be a stay at home mother and go out shopping with friends, go out for coffee and attend Bible study without it impacting your ability to take care of your family. The same with having a part time job.

What’s not healthy is isolation. Countless studies show that being a shut in, like Lori insists is a quick leap to certain types of mental illnesses. If one did not know that Lori goes on trips and takes gadding about (her words not mine) jaunts to buy organic food you’d maybe think she suffers from Agoraphobia.

Lori11Sorry, but it’s normal to be able to manage your home and children every day and still have friends and activities. It’s dangerous and disingenuous to suggest that one must isolate in order to be a Godly woman.

Cook Like Me or Get Cancer!

Lori misses no opportunity to promote that kitchen remodel of six months ago and her kitchen towel self-righteousness. Moving on.

Lori12Lori likes to use her siblings misfortunes to prove her own crack-pot theories. Newsflash Mrs. Alexander – People eating, exercising, praying, living perfect lives still get cancer and still die no matter how closely they follow your rules for living. Please stop claiming that cancer can always be prevented by eating right and not painting your nails.

I’m not sharing any further screen caps from this hot mess of non evidence based bad medical advice and advice from someone who seems to have an eating disorder. Eating healthy is good, but it is not the end all, be all. All this makes me feel bad for Ken, and I hate that feeling.

Following her advice in this post would have ended my life shortly after birth and would have killed off a ton of others I know, Mel, Mel’s son, my youngest child, my husband, just to name a few.

Even if You Go Bankrupt DO NOT WORK!

Here’s a post that Lori used from another person’s blog about being convicted to stay home mother even if her husband had lost his job and they had to file for bankruptcy. Most of her ‘advice’ is the usual rote of Quiverfull: Buy used, grow your own food, do without until it comes to this crazy-making idea:

Lori13Newsflash: It’s not that difficult to work full time and keep dress shirts fully starched, ironed and ready to go. Why would he need you being there holding his hand while he prepared applications and dress clothing? Yes, I forgot, in CPM the men are weak helpless wimps that need the constant support staff to even do simple things.

Skipping the next post because it’s quoted song lyrics and one paragraph telling you to be broken for the Lord. Yawn. Lori’s run aground on new material and ideas.

Women Do Bad Things Too – Lori Upset by Sexual Assault Allegations

Oh boy! Lori is trying to link feminism, divorce and the recent spate of allegations against prominent men of sexual abuse. She brushes off the claims of sexual abuse against women with the words that women do bad things too. Sorry, but victim blaming is disgusting, branding her as someone that hates other women for inane reasons.

Lori14Lori does not seem to realize that if she’s upset with the SAG Awards she does not have to watch them at all. Seems to me with the recent allegations that Hollywood is trying to make at least a small effort to address the long-term misogyny embedded in its culture.

Interesting enough that horrible quote that claims feminists have stated that they intend to bring be Satanism cannot be legitimately sourced. Only references I can find to that exact quote are a) bitter red pill male blogs claiming that women are inherently evil and b) Lori and others (Generation Cedar I see you…) blogs. Does anyone know where this came from? It feels like something conservative Christians made up to scare women. Lying for the Lord is still lying.

Lori15Again, most of these ‘facts’ are not true. Women are not divorcing their husbands in greater numbers anywhere but Evangelicalism. See to your own house Lori, but please stop making up lies about everyone else. You complain about others raising children instead of mothers, yet you had household help. Dressing immodestly, yet you were photographed in a pair of shorts that do not even meet your own posted modesty standards.

moreRead more blathering by Lori Alexander

Divorce is Worse Than Losing Your Home to Fire

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