Jesus Wants You to Cook Because He Cooks

Jesus Wants You to Cook Because He Cooks December 14, 2017

Not cooked at home, not approved of by Jesus, God or Nancy! May have been cooked with Satan in mind with chipotle pepper sauce

My word! I thought The Transformed Wife – Lori Alexander and No Greater Joy – Debi Pearl could cherry-pick and spin anything from the Bible to mean the tiniest more ridiculous claims. But, no, Nancy Campbell of ‘Above Rubies’ holds that title as of last night from her posting God Loves Cooking.

Remember that story from the Bible how Jesus was hanging around the sea of Galilee, risen from the dead, watching Peter and others fish until he starts grilling up loaves and fishes for them?

Nancy sure does and she has a spin on the story I’ve never heard anyone else claim about those verses.  Many theologians teach that this was a picture of Jesus’ forgiveness and love towards the same diciples that split when he was on the cross, and particular that forgiveness and love offered to Peter who had denied Christ three times on the cross. Jesus also tells Peter three times to feed his sheep.

So what does Nancy think this story is about besides love, caring for others and forgiveness? She thinks it’s an illustration that all WOMEN need to take seriously because God wants them to cook. Because cooking is being hospitable. Which is not at all what the story is about.

Nancy just turns it into another way to force all women to do things that she thinks are Godly and gendered. She makes a big big BIG deal of Jesus cooking, not even understanding that she’s destroying her own argument that women are all supposed to cook. Jesus was male the last time I checked.

Cooking is so not gendered or even important in life. Many of the famous chefs are male. There are a million options to getting fed besides cooking in our modern times. Cooking or not cooking isn’t moral in any way and not any of Nancy’s business.

Oh yeah, I forgot, Nancy’s business is to distribute fear, guilt and shame. Here’s her very strange ideas about God being all insano for women to cook.


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