Doug Wilson Bloviates Regarding Women’s March

Doug Wilson Bloviates Regarding Women’s March December 19, 2017


This one goes well beyond Doug’s usual word salad into a full-blown toddler tantrum because evil feminists caused destruction of Patriarchy and blaming the victims of Hollywood, saying that the ‘Casting Couch’ was no big secret. So much misogyny and horrid writing. Let’s dive into the stupidity, shall we?

First, I have to say that Dougie boy ran across what sounds like the mildest push-back in the history of the internets, freaked out and removed all ability to comment on this posts. Thankfully we can still dissect his rantings here.

He thinks that the pink pussy-cat hats that many women are wearing during this rallies are a direct representation of female gonads. He does not seem to realize most of these hats are a reaction to our dear President ‘s words of ‘Grab them by the pussy’. While Trump meant it in the most vulgar way possible these hats are not literally gonads. Pink kitties in protest of his vile remarks. Of course, everything is always the most sexual possible with Wilson.

The pink pussy hats have so much more deeper symbolism than that! Wilson has vagina on the brain.

His other objection to the Washington D.C. March is he thinks it gets more publicity than the annual March For Life, the yearly anti-abortion rally. Which is completely a lie. I lived in the Greater D.C. area for nearly thirty years and every year the stations near and far have covered it. I know, I’ve marched in it in the past when I was still in the QF movement and determined to legislate everyone else reproductive choices. I cringe thinking about those days.

Both marches get coverage, however last year’s Women’s March was the first, it was historic so it would get greater coverage. But logic is not something that Doug possesses in abundance.

doug5I challenge Doug to try to do a commute into Washington on those days when the anti-abortion faction is marching and try to say it’s not a big thing. It is for anyone simply trying to get to work that day.

Then he moves onto the ‘Everyone knows what they are getting into with the Hollywood casting couch’

Doug6Way to victim-blame and please, Doug, never ever try to use ‘hip lingo’ like ‘woke’ in your word salad masterpieces. It just exposes how desperate you are to seem hip.

Doug7That still does not make it right. The casting couch culture needs to completely disappear for everyone’s sake.

doug8Like everything else in Fundytown no one wants to take personal responsibility and say ‘This is unacceptable and we must work together to change it’ – It’s the evangelical ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card. Sin is sin, but refusing to deal with the very valid c hasoncerns that Feminists has about the way Patriarchy suppresses, abuses, uses and dehumanizes women is childishly immature.

There’s a lot more of this line of thinking while complaining about the legality of abortion, claiming that men running everything is God’s design and saying that smashing the patriarchy is responsible for the screwed up state of our world currently. Read all the plentiful bad ideas Doug is espousing in the original posting —  A Brief Statement for the Organizers of the Next Big Women’s March. I just cannot even travail in that toxic land any longer today.

moreRead more inane ideas from Doug Wilson

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