Doug Wilson Bloviates Regarding Women’s March

Doug Wilson Bloviates Regarding Women’s March December 19, 2017


This one goes well beyond Doug’s usual word salad into a full-blown toddler tantrum because evil feminists caused destruction of Patriarchy and blaming the victims of Hollywood, saying that the ‘Casting Couch’ was no big secret. So much misogyny and horrid writing. Let’s dive into the stupidity, shall we?

First, I have to say that Dougie boy ran across what sounds like the mildest push-back in the history of the internets, freaked out and removed all ability to comment on this posts. Thankfully we can still dissect his rantings here.

He thinks that the pink pussy-cat hats that many women are wearing during this rallies are a direct representation of female gonads. He does not seem to realize most of these hats are a reaction to our dear President ‘s words of ‘Grab them by the pussy’. While Trump meant it in the most vulgar way possible these hats are not literally gonads. Pink kitties in protest of his vile remarks. Of course, everything is always the most sexual possible with Wilson.

The pink pussy hats have so much more deeper symbolism than that! Wilson has vagina on the brain.

His other objection to the Washington D.C. March is he thinks it gets more publicity than the annual March For Life, the yearly anti-abortion rally. Which is completely a lie. I lived in the Greater D.C. area for nearly thirty years and every year the stations near and far have covered it. I know, I’ve marched in it in the past when I was still in the QF movement and determined to legislate everyone else reproductive choices. I cringe thinking about those days.

Both marches get coverage, however last year’s Women’s March was the first, it was historic so it would get greater coverage. But logic is not something that Doug possesses in abundance.

doug5I challenge Doug to try to do a commute into Washington on those days when the anti-abortion faction is marching and try to say it’s not a big thing. It is for anyone simply trying to get to work that day.

Then he moves onto the ‘Everyone knows what they are getting into with the Hollywood casting couch’

Doug6Way to victim-blame and please, Doug, never ever try to use ‘hip lingo’ like ‘woke’ in your word salad masterpieces. It just exposes how desperate you are to seem hip.

Doug7That still does not make it right. The casting couch culture needs to completely disappear for everyone’s sake.

doug8Like everything else in Fundytown no one wants to take personal responsibility and say ‘This is unacceptable and we must work together to change it’ – It’s the evangelical ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card. Sin is sin, but refusing to deal with the very valid c hasoncerns that Feminists has about the way Patriarchy suppresses, abuses, uses and dehumanizes women is childishly immature.

There’s a lot more of this line of thinking while complaining about the legality of abortion, claiming that men running everything is God’s design and saying that smashing the patriarchy is responsible for the screwed up state of our world currently. Read all the plentiful bad ideas Doug is espousing in the original posting —  A Brief Statement for the Organizers of the Next Big Women’s March. I just cannot even travail in that toxic land any longer today.

moreRead more inane ideas from Doug Wilson

No Homosexuality Except in Modern Sexual Culture?

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  • SAO

    It’s a sin to ask to be treated like a full human being, not a lesser one? Because that’s what feminism is about.

  • Etranger

    It really is this simple, isn’t it?! Ugh, it gets so frustrating to read these kind of ignorant criticisms of feminism.

  • Please excuse me while I clean myself up. Doug’s words made me vomit.

  • AFo

    So what Doug is saying in his “trying to sound smart” way is that because feminists made women believe they should have the same rights as men, female actors can’t complain about the casting couch because “they should have known that’s how it is”? I’m really not seeing how he gets from point A to point B. In his desperation to link every bad thing to feminism, he comes off as even more of a blithering idiot than usual.

  • Bryant Belknap

    Someone get that man a penis shaped hat, toot suite , so when he jumps up and down yelling “look at me!” someone might actually give him a second glance.

  • Almost a chimp

    He doesn’t need a hat, the dickhead just requires a condom.

  • Nea

    Lori Alexander also has this bizarre notion that the pussyhats = genitalia. (Which makes me wonder what the contents of her panties look like, frankly.) The pussyhats are very simple: by knitting a rectangle, folding it over, and sewing the long edges, you get a hat that gives you pointy ears like a pussy cat. Add Trump’s “grab ’em by the…” comment to the urge of thousands of women to DO SOMETHING, and the notion of cranking out quick, simple pussy cat ear “pussy hats” mobilized crafters. It’s an excellent first-time knitting project too.

    The shape itself is so damned simple and universal that the Japanese anime Yuri on Ice has the male Japanese protagonist wearing a dark blue hat with little ear points, and as far as I can tell the only thing it symbolizes is “my loving mother cannot knit a circle.”

    I wonder what Dougie and Lori would do with the knowledge that some of the hats weren’t pink (my favorite was purple and blue), or that a sizeable number of non-knitters took regular knit hats and either topped them with pussy cat ear headbands or added “ears” by threading in little pompoms or fake flowers where the ears would be. Does Dougie actually think that women have POMPOMS “down there”?

  • Nea

    It’s a sin for women to remember they’re humans and not servants to the penis-bearers’ authority. And when someone like Dougie has based their authority on their dick and bluster…

  • Erika Redmark

    King of Hollywood is one of my favourite Eagles songs ever, yet seems so underrated. Why oh why did he have to bring up that song. Now it will take months before I can listen to it again without being reminded of this post.

  • Mel

    Uh, Doug. I remember girls at my Catholic HS in Michigan raising money to travel to march in the yearly National Right To Life March. That’s roughly 20 years ago.

    It’s not that no one knows about it; it’s that it’s the same round of speakers and activities year after year.

    I mean how can a reporter try and make “Hey, a lot of people went (or arrived) in DC this year for the National RTL March again!”

  • Raging Bee

    Wouldn’t that violate his Deeply Held Beliefs?

  • smrnda

    He seems to be looking at this ‘grope fest’ as if it was only Hollywood. Women working any sort of jobs were subjected to unwanted sexual advances and rape for much of history. Even when this was known, women still had to work. Yes, a woman might have chosen to avoid the ‘casting couch’ but she could have gotten the exact same treatment working in a factory or office, just for much less money.

    I mean Wilson, slave women were raped with impunity by their masters. Of course, he’s probably going to deny that.

    On the whole ‘college tribunals’ – they operate under due process, just one that is different from criminal courts, which is also why the convicted are kicked out of school and not sent to prison. And then guys like Wilson want it both ways. They want to both accuse women of lying about rape, but then they’ll switch and argue that yes, those women were raped but they were ‘sluts’ who deserved it.

  • Allison the Great

    That’s my beef with Christianity. It never wants to deal with the problems that are facing us in the here and now in a sensible and reasonable way. It abdicates the part of adulthood that means owning one’s faults and facing facts. They blame mythological figures for the wrongs they do, and for the wrongs in the world, without actually doing anything about it. To me, Christianity has become a synonym for talking while doing nothing.

    As far as this twat goes, I read a little bit of his blog post on removing his comment section (he doesn’t have the spine to handle pushback, but do any of these assholes? That would be a no) and I saw that he’s a Rushdoony Fanboy. Frank Schaeffer said it best, Rushdoony was a monster. The best thing about Rushdoony is the fact that he is dead. The fact that Dougie would recommend reading one of Rushdoony’s book tells you everything you need to know about Dougie, and why he works so hard to use his religion to control other people.

  • Allison the Great

    Does Dougie actually think that women have POMPOMS “down there”?

    Dougie is so incredibly ignorant that it would not surprise me if he did think that we have pom poms down below.

  • paganheart

    Yep…sexual harassment in the workplace is not a new thing, and not confined to Hollywood, not by a long shot. My mom, now in her 70s, only recently told me about her own #metoo experience, when she was a 20-year-old diner waitress who had to throw hot coffee on her boss to keep him from raping her. She never went back to the job, but she never went to the police either, because back then, especially in a small, bible-belt town, women simply weren’t believed when they claimed assault. In fact, she lived in fear that her ex-boss would send the police after her! He never did, and eventually she learned that she was not the first, or last, waitress he assaulted. In fact, when the restaurant burned down a few years later, it was widely believed around town that the place had been torched by the angry father or husband of another waitress.

    Eventually the #metoo wave is going to crash on the fundie world, and I can’t wait to see all the skeletons the come spilling out of the closets. We already know that Dougie has behaved monstrously when it comes to sexual predators in his own congregation; would anyone be shocked to find out that he is a predator himself? Not me….

  • The Student

    Rapists, misogynists, and sexual harassers are the problem. Or at least a part of it.

  • Anonyme

    This. The media isn’t pushing a particular agenda; television, online news, etc. report what attracts viewers/readers.

  • Anonyme

    We have to be constantly reminded that our value (or lack thereof in Fundie culture) is in our genitalia. The patriarchy is at risk!

  • Saraquill

    Doug: How dare you imply anything’s my fault!

  • Jennny

    Oh dear, Allison and Nea, another coffee splutter all over the keyboard. My knitting club knits hats for charity, I must have made hundreds over the years myself, but don’t think I’ll ever be able to again without thinking of ‘pom poms down there’ and laughing helplessly!

  • Lily Erickson

    He’s gross, but I am going to use “Rebellion, witchery, stubbornness, iniquity, and idolatry ” as my new Twitter bio. Thanks Doug!

  • I have seen actual hats-shaped-like-female-genitalia. Trust me, the two are not easily confused.

  • persephone

    One writer pointed out that meeting in hotel rooms with producers and directors is common. Producers and directors travel a lot for meetings, and they get suites at hotels. So the bedroom and bathroom are separate, like an apartment, while there is a living area, even a separate office in some of them. It makes no sense to travel around the country and try to maintain multiple offices or schedule meeting places, when the Hilton can set you up in a suite with high speed wifi, phones, concierge services, etc.

    This is not the Motel 6, Dougie, although I’m sure that’s what you’re most familiar with.

  • AnonCar

    I don’t think it’d need to be that deep.