Divorce is Worse Than Losing Your Home to Fire?

Divorce is Worse Than Losing Your Home to Fire? December 11, 2017

Lori Alexanders Brain

Wildfires in California aren’t the only thing that makes no sense and runs wild.  So does Lori Alexander.

During my review of Lori’s book ‘The Power of the Transformed Wife” one of the things that just drove me into despair was how irrational the book flowed from topic to topic within a chapter. A pile of non-sequitur leaping about like hyperactive squirrels toting tiny Bibles.

When someone writes like that it makes it hard to keep the general thread or main idea of the chapter.

This weekend Lori Alexander posted what had to be one of the worst ideas she’s ever pursued. She started by using photographs of her sister’s partially-burned home in Southern California to illustrate a point.

What was the point?

That a fire isn’t a tragedy, but a divorce is the real tragedy.

What? Say what?

All week I’d been wondering how close to the fire was Ken and Lori’s home, along with the homes of so many friends of mine in California. Been worried for those closest to the fire danger.  Some of my friends are freaking out in the worst way over the possibility of losing everything they own. Their fear is normal and understandable. The photos coming out in the news media are horrific.

In this week I’ve also been curious to see if Lori would leave her little enclosed bubble of self-focus and be affected by the natural disaster. She lives right smack dab in one of the areas ravaged by the fires that were being spread by the Santa Ana winds. Nope, she just is using it to claim divorce is worse than losing your home to a fire.


Her sister’s loss has nothing to do with divorce or the meme she shared immediately after the photos of her sister’s home. The meme she shared from Facebook says:

“Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong thing about love. No one ever died of divorce.” by Jennifer Weiner.

This is the meme that started Lori on her illogical leaps defining what is and isn’t tragedy. While Lori says her sister has a good attitude about, and even laughed a little on Saturday morning, you cannot tell me that this is a lesser hard thing than divorce. Women, especially in Lori’s circle of Evangelicalism, are usually pretty emotionally connected to their homes. Something like a fire, no matter how unmaterialistic you are, hurts. No, it’s not the same as divorce.

I can just imagine how much harder it would be to lose your home if you’re living in the world of Lori and pals where you are ordered to love your home, keep it an immaculate place of peace and love. You cannot be that focused on it and not take the loss of it, even the temporary loss while it’s being rebuilt, as anything else than a severe blow.

Here’s the rest of Lori’s divorce ponderings. One thing is obvious, Lori expects people to have bad marriages and to suffer through with no outs other than submission. That has to be the most miserable way to live.

Just because some suffer does not mean everyone else is doomed to suffer.

Lori7That’s so sad, the saddest statement on marriage I’ve seen in ages.

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