Does a Son Need to Submit to a Mother? – Questioning the Pearls

Does a Son Need to Submit to a Mother? – Questioning the Pearls December 10, 2017


Apparent a bunch of different people all decided about the same time in the Spring of 2012 that they all needed mother and mother-in-law advice. It’s all a long confusing mess that’s going to take multiple weeks to unpack. Today it is a single man living on his own with a career who is supporting his divorced mother and she is trying to tell him what he should do and whom he should marry. He is 30.


Now, keep in mind that on the same page as this man’s question a newly married young lady asked a very similar question, but instead of being told what to do with her mother she’s complaining about her mother in particular being upset she’s not getting phone calls often enough from her married daughter in another state. The daughter is complaining about the clingiest of the mother.

What do you think? Is it even remotely in the realm of possibility that Mikey-boy might tell both of them the very same answer? Are they being selfish? Are they supposed to kowtow to their parents?


That’s it? Michael usually never misses a change to expound on the unmanliness of other dudes. He must have had a dog or child to beat and could not stick around to give a longer answer.

Notice that he told the young woman I referenced earlier to kindly wean her mother from constant contact, but in a similar situation for a man he tells the questioner what a wimp he is. Not very helpful.

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