This is What Evangelical Terrorism Looks Like

This is What Evangelical Terrorism Looks Like December 17, 2017


This post by John Pavlovitz’s blog – Stuff That Needs to be Said is buzzing around Facebook right now in the wake of suddenly banned words and phrases that the Donald Trump administration has ordered the CDC to not use.

It’s a simple list, but very telling at the same time. No way that Donald Trump himself cooked up this list, because, frankly he’s just not that Christian, smart or caring one fig for what matters to Evangelicals. If there’s not real money in it for him our President remains strangely un-involved.

That list:

  • Transgender
  • Fetuses
  • Evidence-based
  • Science-based
  • Entitlement
  • Diversity
  • Vulnerable

Sounds like something written by Answers in Genesis Ken Ham, a tsunami of stupid based solely on what are the popular words hated by the hard-core non-evidence-based Evangelicals, like Vice President Mike Pence.

That list, if ever there were a combination of words designed to silence those on the outside of Evangelical life and inflict pain it’s these.

Until I read John’s article I hadn’t thought deeply about the issue beyond a smirk and a disgusted shake of the head over the verbiage straight out of Fundytown attempting to erase and deny long-established scientific thought. Or thought in general.

The entire culture of Evangelicals discourages thinking, preferring to use the methods of cult control – inculcating thought control with cliches and buzzwords. I’m reminded of this clip from Fox’s ‘The Simpsons’

Now that clip is meant to be humorous, but it illustrates that most dangerous result of Quiverfull and Evangelicalism – STOP THINKING and conform immediately. All opinions and beliefs are controlled by the high demand religious group.

A few screen caps from Pavlovitz:


John2It is terrorism when you call for denial of human legitimacy. It makes it even easier to deny rights to those groups and leads, eventually, to making it really easy for others to justify killing.

How many times have we seen Faithful Word Baptist Church Pastor Steven Anderson call for the execution of those in the LGBT community and we’ve laughed, saying he was a random lone nut. No, he’s not, he’s just a cruder and more honest version of the people that wrote this policy, with exactly the same end goal. Calling for the deaths of others sounds to me very much like what terrorists do.

We don’t need to fear ISIS because we have millions of home grown terrorists justifying what they would do with the Bible. Tell me that’s not cult behavior..

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