Child Asking Why is Rebellion – Beat Them

Child Asking Why is Rebellion – Beat Them December 17, 2017


Noticing a very curious thing at No Greater Joy pages. Many of the letters to the Pearls pages are now blank, not missing just totally blank. I have to wonder what’s going on in what is likely one very paranoid Cane Creek.

Alright, a puzzled mother wants to know why her 4 year old son always asks why. Don’t most 4 year old children ask the question of why many times a day out of a curiosity about their world.

Michael5Pretty sad that the first thing out of her mouth is acting like this behavior is not normal. Kids ask all kinds of questions. Easiest way to deal with a child that likes to ask why about everything is to give them an age appropriate answer to the question. This is especially important if you are dealing with a child that wants to know why you want him to do something. If he asks why he has to wash his hands before lunch just tell him simply it’s to keep well by avoiding spreading germs. Make this advice for these whys to benefit the child and your rules will make more sense to him and he’ll be more likely to follow those rules.

What does Michael say? That it’s rebellion and it’s time to pull out that piece of flexible plumbing line for a few licks on the body of the child. Make it hurt and they’ll stop questioning soon enough, according to Mike.


No Michael. the child is not being the spirit of anything. He may think that the thing you’re asking him to do is stupid to his reasoning, or his intellect wants to know the why.

Michael6Beat them. Always the final ‘go-to’ with Michael Pearl. Here’s what he claimed to have done to a ‘why’ child.

Michael6No, smart kids know what someone that knows nothing sounds like. How terrible for a child seeking a deeper understanding about what they are doing.

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