Not Respecting Your Husband is the Same as Infidelity?

Not Respecting Your Husband is the Same as Infidelity? December 16, 2017


Received this link to another awful piece of twisted logic from Matt Walsh of The Matt Walsh Blog as republished by Daily Wire. I’m reluctant to take marriage advice of any type from Walsh for a number of reasons. I don’t think his sheltered fundamentalist Catholic life holds much in the way of wisdom or life experience.

We haven’t quoted or posted him here at No Longer Quivering for one very long time for one reason only. We don’t want to promote his ideas while giving him the attention he so desperately craves.

He has always reminded me of ‘That Kid at School’ – the weird one that would do or say any outrageous thing just for the attention or so he could lord his doings over the rest of his classmates as superior while you’re gagging off to the side thanking your lucky stars you have a strong gag reflex. You know the kid I am talking about. He’s the one that would eat a live cockroach in the cafeteria in a fit of attention-seeking, or try to bet people how many crackers he could shove up his nose. No one dared him to do these things and most of us were disgusted by them, but he would perform whatever bizarre act he felt would bring him the most attention in the moment.

That’s Matt Walsh and his blog. Still sticking crackers up his nose willy-nilly in front of an audience.

Matt is making a few rather false claims about most marriages and the respect of wives towards husbands:

Matt1Respect, like love, cannot be commanded or forced. You wish to be respected, try behaving in a respectable manner. Don’t claim it’s owed to you because you have a penis. Respect has never worked that way no matter what these self-proclaimed patriarchs claim.

Matt2Respect, or love, is freely given, not ‘earned’. But no one owes anyone anything automatically. Either you respect or love, or you don’t. Sure, people can change enough so that you change your opinion of them including now respecting them when you did not previously. Insisting on respect automatically are the words of a man not worth of respect, or so inwardly unsure. In this life no one owes you a thing.

Matt3Ah, yes, Walsh trots out the Evangelical Boogieman/Feminist Strawman – rebellious women. Has any woman really written out a chore list for a man without having a list she’s written for herself and another for the children? Walsh seems to think that women are just random meanies that pick on men.

What I have seen is female cultural enforcers and women in the church who put unrealistic expectations on women right down to the must do list.

Matt4No, no, no! There is nothing that suggested that you have to be loved first to be lovable. It’s nowhere in the Bible and Chesterton is citing a fairy tale. If you are only seeing marriages around you with men being treated like evil dundering idiots then you need better friendships with a different class of folks.

Also, this idea of his of wives holding the goal of perfection over the heads of their husbands also goes the other way. How many times have we seen letters to the Pearls, or advice from Nancy Campbell that reflects that many QF Evangelical men are controlling enough to do all of these things to their wives?

moreRead more immaturity from Matt Walsh

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