Lori Alexander’s Illegal Medical Advice Part 2

Lori Alexander’s Illegal Medical Advice Part 2 January 9, 2018

After finding myself horribly triggered by Lori Alexander’s posting that you should always let a child suffer a fever, even up to high temperatures like a 106F I have been watching the conversations at Lori Alexander’s different social media sites. As I mentioned in the first post this was triggering to me because one of my children developed meningitis. It started as a very high fever, listlessness and pain. Had I ignored the symptoms and the fever my daughter would likely not be here. I’ve seen countless stories stating this being shouted at Lori and she’s ignored them to keep making her own toxic point.

Some of the conversation is horribly triggering because of the bad health outcomes I saw in my Quiverfull church by some that believe just like Lori. One of many examples was last year when a former friend that did not believe in yearly gyno exams found out she has inoperable cancer of the cervix and given a prognosis of a few weeks and no amount of surgery, chemo therapy or radiation would have made a difference.

You know what would have made a difference and saved her life? Yearly pelvic exams and an early diagnosis by pap smear. This friend of mine was a hard core Dr. Mendelsohn follower. Mendolsohn discourages yearly breast exams, yearly pelvic exams, or any vaccinations. He preaches that the polio vaccine in particular is dangerous when it has wiped out polio outbreaks and stopped thousands from having a life time of problems. My friend following Mendelsohn’s advice didn’t fare well. Her belief killed her.

We had another family where the young man ended up significantly disfigured because he got a boil and his parents refused to take him to the doctor because it was expensive and they were sure he could be healed with prayer, home treatments like washing the boil with turpentine and taking placebos when what he really needed was the boil lanced and an antibiotic for the raging infection. What should have been a simple trip to the doctor and a quick healing with the right meds drug into a many month affair ultimately ending with surgery.

The reality is no matter what type of religion you practice or health beliefs you have sometimes you must involve medical treatment by people with a legitimate M.D. after their names or via a nurse practitioner licensed by your state.

Home methods, natural medicines and treatments have their place in peoples lives, but not as the only treatment. Starting there isn’t a bad idea, even not treating a fever right away, but monitoring what is happening and making a rational, logical decision to involved medical professionals if it does not go away or worsens needs to happen.

Lori puts people at risk when she makes these sweeping claims about health care and diet.

I’ve spent part of the afternoon and evening watching people comment on her Facebook page and have their posts immediately deleted.

People were making every effort to let her know that her views were not helpful and she kept immediately deleting the comments. Made for some fun watching. The internet equivalent of her riding an old nag down an old dirt road where everyone in her path keeps screaming “The bridge is out!” and she claims it’s not right up until the moment she and the horse plunge down into the water. She’s still not quite hit that water yet, but it’s coming. All it takes is one horrible diagnosis out of the blue. Who will she blame then?

Strangely no comments popped up on her blog until well after she said more ridiculous things on her Facebook page, right down to blaming cancer on McDonalds.


She needs to stop blaming people for their own cancers by claiming McDonald’s and Coca Cola are the things behind the huge cancer rates we’re experiencing. It’s not nail polish and manicures. It’s not junk food. I don’t care how clean you eat and how you avoid chemicals, a certain amount of cancers are just going to happen. Science does not back up what she’s claiming at all here. Many times it is random, or genetic.

After all that Lori was claiming in long rants about cancer it’s pretty sad that the only one posting in defense of her strange claims was Ken, her husband. At least he knows enough to link to legitimate information instead of making it up as he’s going along. Who’d have thunk that it was would be Ken to be the voice of reason in this round of critical blaming.


A few things I would like to clarify from yesterday.

Please do not give your child aspirin because of the possibility contracting Reye’s Syndrome.

Dr. Mendelsohn has some rather quack-like advice on a number of health issues. We’ve talked about his disdain for testing and preventative treatment before here since Lori Alexander does cite him occasionally.

Some O.D. aren’t competent. Had one  that used to try to blame my asthma on one of my arms being a half inch shorter than the other and he wanted to do an adjustment. The majority might be good physicians, but there are still those that will try to adjust away conditions that have nothing to do with spinal or bodily adjustments. If you have had success with the treatments and Osteopaths great! Like in all fields there are going to be a mixture of good and bad.

I did confuse O.D.s with naturopaths and homeopathic doctors. Yesterday when I wrote the original piece I was in a state of being so incredibly triggered by Lori Alexander’s words that I was shaking. I reacted when I should have waited a few hours until I was slightly more rational. There is nothing that personally triggers me more than a cultural enforcer giving out dangerous health advice that possibly puts kids at risk.

Lori Alexander is going to kill someone one day if she keeps handing out medical advice in her blog. Her belief on health are mostly unproven observations, personal conclusions and apocrypha. Which would be fine if she wasn’t using her blog ministry to promote clearly dangerous advice.

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