Lori Alexander is NOT a Doctor, She Tells Mothers to Ignore Fevers

Lori Alexander is NOT a Doctor, She Tells Mothers to Ignore Fevers January 8, 2018

DangerousLori Alexander has stopped ordering widows not to work and to homeschool their children while getting her commenters to pile on with bad ideas to play doctor now. She has a big disclaimer at the end but it’s a useless item. She’s clearly giving medical advice, as if she were a doctor. Osteopathic advice.

The greatest irony of her medical advice is that it comes close on the heels of her sharing just the day before a piece by another ministry that believes that God does not heal people, and it’s a bad idea to even think that way.

Through the years I’ve seen Quiverfull churches on both sides of the “healing” debate, some denying it like Lori Alexander’s post, others that claims since Jesus healed every single person that came to him and so should we and everything in between. Personal preference and understanding, and ultimately rather unimportant.

What is important is the very dangerous and close to illegal advice Lori is handing out on her site this morning, the gist of which is that fevers are not dangerous, you shouldn’t give a child any sort of tylenol or aspirin and allow the the fever to run its course. Like the piles of childrens dead bodies stretching way back to the beginning of civilization until the invention of modern medicine do not exist! Febrile illnesses were dreaded in the time before medicine.

Alexander is pushing Mendelsohn’s book again like it’s the gospel. There’s still debate concerning if Osteopaths are legitimate physicians ongoing in the U.S.


If I had followed her advice I’d likely have at least one dead child now, likely the one that popped a high fever, we took her to the hospital and it turned out she had spinal meningitis. Dead kids result when the ignorant give out very bad advice on the internet and pretend they are not responsible for any damage because they posted a flimsy disclaimer saying that they aren’t a doctor.

No legitimate doctor would ever tell you to ignore a high or persistent fever in a child. Even if it turns out to be a simple situation why not err on the side of caution. A doctor’s visit is cheaper than a hospital bill for a lengthy stay or a casket.

She’s doubling down upon her advice on her Facebook page now and the good lord only knows what is going on in the echo chamber/cluster-you-know-what that is her chatroom even if there is evidence that her own followers find her advice on the insane side.

Screencap from her Facebook page.

Lori temp

Actually,, while fevers rarely cause brain damage in children there are plenty of reasons to be concerned and consult a physician, one of those being meningitis.  Other problems can occur and create brain damage of the child with the fever develops heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Which might be a reason to treat the child’s fever with some sort of meds. Bring the temperature down and remove any risk of damage from a heat related illness. There are tons of links online from children’s health organizations and government medical websites that give this advice. I didn’t come up with this.

The reason most people treat a child’s fever is for the comfort of the child, to make them feel better while their body is fighting off the infection or virus. Doesn’t everyone want their children to feel better? Apparently not in Lori’s world.

Here’s what Lori posted on Facebook explaining her lack of concern about fever.

Lori temp 2

Number two on that list is a bold-faced lie debunked by many in the medical community, like this study cited by Reuters. No evidence that treatment versus non-treatment affects length of illness. Seattle Children’s has a comprehensive list of facts on fevers in children, which does lean towards not panicking or over treating a fever, but nowhere on the list of facts does it say just ignore a 106F fever. Also, again, only a monster would deny their child comfort when they are sick.

Here’s Lori’s paltry disclaimer that she thinks might keep her from being sued. Actually, if someone took her advice listed here and had a bad medical outcome they would likely be able to sue and win.

loridisclamerJust like scummy used car salesmen, prescription drug ads and questionable products sold on television ads Lori does the tiny disclaimer print on why she thinks she shouldn’t be held liable if a child dies because of what she’s written here.

I cannot tell you how upset this whole thing makes me personally. It’s one thing for the Pearl daughters to make claims about the herbs they grow and sell, it’s another level of criminal negligence to tell people to ignore a 106 degree fever in a child, a fever likely making the child feel horrible. Please, if you have any compassion in you, if your child gets a high fever at least call your family physician. Don’t listen to Lori! Listen to your own intuition as a mother, the condition and comfort level needs of your child and your physician.

If I were a betting women I’d say it’s likely Lori will pull all of this down soon because she’s getting pushback from her followers and has already firebombed and deleted comments.

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