Women Cannot be Engineers Because They are ‘Female Idiots’?

Women Cannot be Engineers Because They are ‘Female Idiots’? January 10, 2018


Haven’t checked in on thin-skinned, barely hanging onto his man card pastor Tim Bayly in quite some time. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is he still trying to put tight definitions and strictures in place on what constitutes masculinity he’s now claiming that a) he’s not a male Chauvinistic Pig and b) women cannot be engineers and design things without putting everyone at danger from failed infrastructure they design,

He seriously believes that women are incapable of using higher maths and advanced calculations to design the underpinnings of our society. Merely possession of a penis does not make anyone better at engineer tasks. Where’s his proof? There is none.

Tim calls operas ‘gay affairs’ so there’s some subtle homophobia going on as well. This was all provoked by a non-white female engineering professor calling out the sexism and male dominance in the field of engineering.

Here’s what he said in his female insult-a-thon.


No Mr. Bayly, someday soon the world will be intolerant of people like you that do not want women to have educations and personal agencies, when such thin-skinned white male entitlement will not be accepted any longer.

High maths, sciences and technology do not change based upon the sex organs in the engineer.


Lori Alexander is saying something similar today about the role of women in the church, that you have to sit there like an overdressed smiling blow up doll in church and not sin by praying or speaking. She’s using Paul’s words to justify this, the same Paul that tells us to judge not. At least that’s an improvement on her rant yesterday on how women who speak up or out are sinful foolish beasts, like everyone that gave her push back on her dangerously unsafe medical advice. Her reactions are so predictable. The only fool I see in this equation is Ms. Alexander.

moreRead more insecurity over his masculinity by Tim Bayly

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