A Woman’s Consent For Sex Does Not Matter, Only God’s Consent

A Woman’s Consent For Sex Does Not Matter, Only God’s Consent January 11, 2018


This morning Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is busy saying that a woman has no right to give or withhold consent for sex. That only God has the ability to give consent for sex.

How does he justify this very retro caveman stance. With a lot of writing, citing many different obscure happenings, the Bible and making sure that he demonizes the MeToo movement, feminism, the 1960s, Free Love and permissive society. All that matters is what God said in the Bible, that book written by in the Bronze Age by a superstitious and uneducated population.

Even if you are a believer in Jesus and try to follow the Bible the ideas that Larry expounds upon are just plain cruel. He claims there is no such thing as ‘marital rape’, only abuse when a man forces his wife to have sex that physically harms her.

Larry14Unfortunately for Larry many legal jurisdictions recognize marital rape as a type of rape and sexual abuse. That is no likely to change anytime soon unless our stable genius of a president decides in the wake of his own allegations of sexual misconduct to try and overturn the laws governing sexual consent.

No means no, not maybe!

Larry15No, what ‘free love’ and feminists have done is insist on marriage as described by Paul, ‘Submit yourselves to one another’ as in Ephsians 5:21, with marriage as a partnership with two equal partners. Which upsets Larry because it usurps his ideas of men as petty, tin-plated dictators with a constant supply of hot and cold running sex. One-sided marriage that is total freedom for the man and enslavement for the wife.

Larry then goes point by point replying to Planned Parenthood’s statement on what sexual consent truly is and with each point insists that the wife always owes the husband sex no matter what, no matter how tired she is, sick, depressed, inconvenienced.

His answers to those consent points shows yet again that a lot of the Good Christian Patriarchs would be better off with a cooking/cleaning/birthing those babies sex robot than a flesh and blood woman. Here’s a small sampling of Larry’s rebuttals to Planned Parenthood:

Larry16Larry does not want to accept that the only absolutes in life involve Absolute brand vodka death and taxes. Everything else can be a negotiation. Merely possessing a penis and marrying a women does not entitle you to an endless buffet of sex,

Then Mr. Solomon goes on to make a lot of spurious claims about America having been founded as a Christian nation, followed by quotes by Thomas Jefferson and others to try and prove that point, all of which are easily dismissed by historical evidence and other writings of the founding fathers that state that America is not founded to be a Theonomist nation.

He genuinely believes that all laws in our nation should be laid out only based upon the Bible, which flies in the face of the entire idea of a land of religious freedom, or freedom from religion.

Larry goes on to approve of slavery as Biblical, using it as an example of social class, saying that if slaves must obey their masters because of the Bible, then wives must obey husbands because they are literally owned by their husbands.

Direct violation of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution! People cannot own other people in America no matter what Bible verses Larry trots out.

The rest this piece is just as tragic as Larry goes on to complain about those ‘Playas’ out there or his other word for them, Casanovas, followed by ranting about ‘forbidden love’ and this:

Larry18Larry-world, where consent is not a real thing. Marital rape does not happen.

moreRead more silly ideas by Larry Solomon

Being a Sexist Misogynist Pig is Godly


On another note let me tell you what has been happening behind the scenes here at NLQ. Tim Bayly is busy sending off complaint emails about yesterday’s post here where I screencapped his words from his blog that seemed to be demeaning women and said that his words was a big bunch of sexist ideas. He’s demanding I apologize for quoting him.  That pointing out the toxicity of his ideas is somehow slanderous.

He’s even sent my contact at Patheos a series of emails where he’s insulting and high handed, telling the Patheos contact how to do his job. Bayly wants me spanked hard in the worst way possible for daring to point out the misogyny in his words.

Sorry Timmy-boy. No apology, no take backs, de nada. Perhaps you should read the words of Jesus more and stop making statements that can be interpreted as hateful screeds towards certain parts of the American population. Be more like Jesus, who only went after the pharisees.

I will always go after bad theology no matter who is publicly spouting it. When you shout your opinions out online, and yes your blog is opinions only, never be surprised when you find others that will deconstruct what you’ve said.

Will be answering and reposting his email on Jerks4Jesus.com later today. I’ve been laughing since the first moment I saw his email. One of the biggest tactics in toxic versions Evangelical Christianity is the silencing of women stating opinions contrary to the Patriarchy.

Thanks for trying to silence my voice Mr. Bayly. It’s not happening. Even if I left Patheos I would still shout out my warnings to an audience of those who have been spiritually abused by pastors and churches.

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