Lori Alexander is Teaching Men?

Lori Alexander is Teaching Men? January 12, 2018


Remember all of those posts of Lori Alexander’s on her site The Transformed Wife where she swears up and down that women can never teach men because Bible? That only men have authority enough to teach anything, that women must simperingly submit and sit there like silent dummies?

Remember Lori’s most fervent male supporter that loves to compliment her as the bestest of the best and grovels at her feet – Trey?

Trey is back and he’s slavering at Lori’s online feet in a post on what a true and noble wife is. How is this not that whole teaching men that Lori loves to rant about being a sin? Granted, a man wrote 100% of the post since it’s merely lifted in whole from a copy-written book and republished in a longer than 250 legally allowed word increment for discussion. So maybe she considers this a man teach men and women.

Trey’s comments below. What do you think, is Ms. Alexander trying to teach men, or is Trey some sort of fan-boy she’s not attempting to teach? Where is that line in this situation?



What do you think? Is Trey Magnus a sock puppet for Ken, or another patriarchal type that is being taught by Lori in violation of her own stated beliefs?

Here’s the book Lori is copying  – Home-Making by J.R. Miller written at least a century ago. When you have to reach back to the 1800s to justify your own ideas you’re not doing your argument any favors.

moreRead more Lori-centric brown nosing by Trey

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  • lady_black

    To teach, wouldn’t she need ideas that have some value to impart?

  • In one of her posts this week Lori adamantly denies she’s teaching men even though they comment on her posts. She believes she’s not teaching them because she’s not directly telling men what to do or how to live like she does with the women. She’s in denial. Men commenting on her posts means she’s speaking to them – they’re gleaning something from her posts.

  • SAO

    I guess at some point, “teaching” is elevating the meaning of some of these bloggers’ post. Is Larry teaching? Or is he ranting to (mostly) to a bunch of MRAs who already believe what he says? Does Lori teach?

    If you assume she does teach, does it matter if there’s just one more blatant contradiction in the stuff she writes?

  • Lori probably thinks it doesn’t count as teaching men because she doesn’t go out specifically soliciting them. If they read her blog and glean something from her words, she could claim that it’s a blessing but she is doing nothing wrong. I am sure she will figure out some explanation that fits her god’s proclamations

  • mashava

    So much hair splitting and mental gymnastics to adhere to a rule most people don’t even care about.

  • Stone
  • Stone
  • Julia Childress

    “Eloquently written article, overflowing with deep wisdom and truth.” What’s the opposite of he protesteth too much? He’s too obsequious? He’s a suck-up of the highest order? I mean honestly, he sounds like a proud parent calling his child Rembrandt for producing a stick-figure for the fridge. What casual blog commenter would use such a florid description?

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Feels/looks/smells like a sock puppet

  • Almost a chimp

    I wonder…..If lots of us used male names to comment on Lori’s posts, and every comment contained a variant of ‘…you’ve taught me so much…’, how long would it take for her head to explode?

  • paganheart

    Trey is a sock puppet. Not sure if he’s actually Ken or one of Lori’s sons, but I have no doubt he’s a sock puppet.

  • AFo

    I don’t think Trey understands how relationships are supposed to work. Generally each party involved cherishes the other because they’re in love, not because one provides some kind of extrinsic value to the other. Why would you even get married in the first place if you didn’t already cherish the person?

  • The Student

    She’s so full of shit

  • bekabot

    The Proverbs 31 woman was judged to be more valuable than rubies

    Correct. And she was judged to be more valuable than rubies not because she had a uterus or because she had a husband or because she had children but because she had a business, and because she worked tirelessly to pursue and improve that business without cease. She was an asset to her husband and a lodestar to her children not because she scolded (on the one hand) or faded into the background (on the other) but because she did things which would make them all richer and boost their position in the world. She ran a household and did a good job of it. Altogether she was a woman of the managing type, and she did a fantastic job of managing. That’s what the description of her says, and it varies in several respects from Lori Alexander’s description of the ideal woman. The Proverbs 31 woman was a woman with a job.

  • Anonyme

    I don’t believe I should be treated decently “because I’m a woman”. I believe I should be treated decently because I’m an autonomous, thinking, feeling HUMAN BEING.But I guess I’m just a heathen who doesn’t feel that my value (or lack thereof, according to these people) is based on the fact that I have a vagina.

  • Kathi

    Oh, please. She also addresses men. While this doodle is a quote from a man, she puts it front and center to remind men to be sexually pure.
    She will reply directly back to men and answer their questions. How is that not considered “teaching” in her mind? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/01db08804f39fbf9a4429027bf9f86a711568f700040eb62c9baee0a11da87a0.png

  • Kathi

    Yeah, I’ve always had my suspicions about Trey.

  • Saraquill

    I’m sure Lori uses that as a loophole to demonstrate she’s not really teaching any guys, just fictional ones.

  • Stone

    Here is another example. She says she is forbidden from teaching men…..

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    A couple of times I’ve tried to figure out who ‘Trey Magnus’ is and keep coming up empty handed. Two guys by that exact name. One is a young African American guy into art and the other is a twenty something white guy unmarried and obsessional about video games. Nothing to indicate either are Christians either. Someone is clearly masquerading under that name.

  • Almost a chimp

    Ha! #1, 2, and possibly 5 are Lori through and through.

  • Kathi

    “Trey” once commented on a Facebook post. I clicked on his name to see who he was. No information at all. However, the only “friend” on the account was Ken Alexander. I wish I would have grabbed a screen shot of that!

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I saw that too and neglected to screen shot it. He’s not a real poster.

  • persephone

    They always skip the section of Proverbs 31, where the wife invests in a vineyard and runs a home business with her slaves and servants, so her husband can sit around in the square with all the other rich dudes and show off how God has blessed him. Seriously, Proverbs 31 husband is not working at all. His wife is busting her a$$ to manage everything, but has a houseful of servants and slaves to help her out.

  • IM

    I find it odd she mentions a woman valued ..” more valuable than rubies…” When her husband sees her as anything but. It’s not her fault though, Ken doesn’t respect or value anyone but himself.

  • NikkiofAmystika

    I would add that the Proverbs 31 woman’s husband being at the city gates implies that he’s a city bureaucrat, but really, how much work do most bureaucrats actually do?

  • persephone

    It always sounded to me like he was hanging out with his buds, looking all important and stuff, checking out who and what were passing through the gates into and out of town, and spreading gossip.

    It’s not uncommon in Orthodox families for the wife to have to provide financially, because the men are encouraged to spend their time in study and prayer. It’s supposed to transfer a kind of holiness to the family, like Catholic families having a priest or a nun.

  • NikkiofAmystika

    All the interpretations/footnotes I’ve read suggest the city bureaucrat theory, but your interpretation is also highly likely, especially with the Orthodox context you included. Nice catch!