Better a Young Dead Husband Than a Old Husband Living With a Shrew?

Better a Young Dead Husband Than a Old Husband Living With a Shrew? January 13, 2018

Lori Alexanders Brain

Guess I might have also titled this “Lori Really Fears Her Death But Not Ken’s Death”

I’d actually started on a completely different post for this morning involving a pastor ranting about how a Christian using either Social Security or public schools is not a Christian but a socialist, when this screen cap of  graphic by Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife popped up on my Facebook page the same day she’s discussing death on her blog.

Had to reschedule the other post and share this instead.

Makes me think I should add ‘Death Obsession’ to the things on the above graphic. In Lori’s book we reviewed here at NLQ titled ‘The Power of the Transformed Wife” Lori also spoke about the death of her husband – saying that if he died from his junk food eating habits that she would not feel guilty because he brought that death onto himself by his actions. Now this?

I sometimes wonder by what she writes if she does not have a secret desire to be a widow. If your marriage is unhappy enough for you to wish for the death of your spouse you really should see a mental health professional to work through this and consider divorce. It’s not healthy for anyone.

Here is what Lori said about it being better that a husband die young while in a happy marriage than live to be an old man in an unhappy marriage:


But Lori did say that living in submission with your husband does shame him into changing, which sounds like manipulation from here. She said it in chapter 8 of her book.

Which leads us into today’s post on Lori’s blog where she talks about the reality of death. Sometimes I think her focus on healthy eating is some sort of mental hiccup/fear of death, so it’s interesting to see her talk about that subject that seems to drive some of her more unbalanced behaviors and ideas.

I’m not going to quote much of this because it’s pretty clear that her mother is dying. I’m sorry she’s having to deal with the death of a parent because it’s never a pleasant thing, even if it’s a stage of life most of us have to go through. There are no free passes from death. Mourning is never fun, quick or something anyone wishes for. You can see by going into her post that she’s struggling to rationalize death with the belief that we all are resurrected later, self-comforting  spewed out to the entire world. She ends by quoting Michael Pearl, which is also never healthy:

Lori33If Michael Pearl told me that the sky was blue I’d still check for myself.

I’m sorry for anyone going through the loss of a loved one, but would like to suggest it’s helpful to seek mental health resources when you’re dealing with it instead of leaning on the words of Michael Pearl.

Some of the people that seem to fear death the most are those that claim to be the most faith-filled.

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