Being a Sexist Misogynist Pig is Godly?

Being a Sexist Misogynist Pig is Godly? January 1, 2018


Starting off the New Year with Larry Solomon whinging on about feminists and claiming he is not a male Chauvinistic pig because misogyny is in the Bible. This is the first post at the top of his page Bible Gender Roles, but I’m not going to link to it here.

Larry starts out with a handful of not so charming tales of how his in-laws are all Christians who believe in partnership instead of headship. He talks about their holidays together and some of the conversations. Great, I’m betting that the in-laws dread the holidays because they don’t like indigestion with their turkey and dressing. Especially years like this where he informed them that Christians should be proud sexists.

Here’s his description of what his in-laws taught their daughter:

Larry9Intelligent as a descriptor for Larry’s wife I might dispute because she did, after all marry, Larry. I would think that he would scare off anyone smart with feminist leanings. But he must have hidden all the red flags in their relationship until after the wedding.

He then goes on to disparage her Christian feminist sister by calling her out as a three times divorced lady that likes controlling others. This is all after he dithers on about his own divorce was Biblical because wife number one committed some sort of adultery that is not plain old vanilla adultery.

Larry then goes on to claim that the mistakes he made in marrying into this feminist family happened all for God’s glory, not because he ignored all the evidence that this family did not line up with his theology. He goes on to make one of those braggadocios claims about his website, which is why I refuse to directly link NLQ to his site. We are not going to feed his undeserving ego trip.

Larry10The world according to Larry. Funny because we’ve seen emails to him that are clearly poking fun at his expense or outright catfishing his ministry.

Larry goes on to tell the tale of his head knocking with his sister in law over freedoms for teenagers. Larry thinks only teenage boys should be allowed lots of unsupervised time and adventures, but girls must be constantly watched over and protected by their fathers. In fact, he believes that all women and girls must be constantly watched over by their fathers and husbands.

Is this because he’s worried his teen daughter might end up pregnant or on drugs? Nope. Bible is his explanation.

Larry11He follows this with his laundry list of ‘Must dos’ of Biblical Sexism. I’m quoting here instead of screen capping because it’s a long list and lots and lots of spieled out scripture to back his misogynistic self. But before that he claims that stereotyping and discrimination are a good thing, using some rather goofy examples using various races.

Larry12No, those are not discrimination. They are laws, or rules set forth by governing bodies. Discrimination is irrationally excluding people based on factors they cannot change. Some laws of exclusion must happen to protect others. For example you’re not going to allow a convicted sex offender to take a job working in a children’s residential treatment center because that would put the children at risk.

Now he moves on to stereotypes with just as much lack of understanding.

Larry13That’s not how stereotyping works either! Stereotyping involves you making a judgment on people in a certain culture/race and broadly painting the entire group with your assumptions. Terrible horrible example: In the past there were people who said things like all African Americans loved fried chicken and watermelon. Not true, plus it diminishes an entire race of people to a group of food likes. Horribly racist.

Planning on selling Chinese food in a store in a predominately Chinese area is smart marketing, it’s meeting a need in a community that has nothing to do with stereotyping people. When you have a retail business you cater to the requests and the needs.

I’m not hung over but I am starting to feel sick to my stomach over Larry’s sexism, racism and misunderstanding of issues. Here’s his list of what he thinks everyone should believe about women:

  1. Only man is made in God’s image, not women.
  2. Women were made for men, not men for women.
  3. Women were executed for lying about the loss of their virginity, men were not.
  4. Women ruling a nation are no better than children ruling a nation.
  5. Wives are regarded as the property of their husbands.
  6. Women are commanded to submit to their husbands.
  7. Women can have their decisions overridden by their fathers and husbands.
  8. Women are called weaker than men.
  9. Women are forbidden from teaching men or taking authority over men.
  10. A woman’s place is in the home.

Wow, so many damaging ideas in such a short list.

moreRead more misogynistic babbling from Larry Solomon

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  • Almost a chimp

    A Freudian slip in the first ‘blue letter’ quote, methinks, where our hero (HA!) declares that unmarried women (read: girls) need extra protection from their fathers, whilst boys don’t need the protection of their dads.

    So, Larry, why do the girls/young women in your world need protecting from their fathers?

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    LMAO! I totally missed that this morning putting this vomit-inducing rant together. Yeah, girls totally need protection FROM their daddies in Larry-land

  • Anri

    Being a Sexist Misogynist Pig is Godly?


    …I’m sorry, was this some sort of trick question?

  • TLC

    Please don’t demean Larry’s wife’s intelligence because she married him. She is obviously fighting the brainwashing she hears every day. I know, because I fought that brainwashing for five years, as a single mom, trying to make myself into a “perfect Christian woman” — meek, soft-spoken, submissive, you name it. And I almost lost my mind doing it. Heck, pretty much everyone here has had to break free of that brainwashing, or worse.

    Thankfully, her feminist family keeps trying to break through. I hope they do. I hope she learns to trust her instincts and that still, small voice that keeps telling her, “This isn’t right.” Because it’s so not.

    In the meantime, please keep writing about how utterly wrong Larry is. Maybe someday she’ll see it, and that will get her started on the road to freedom.

  • Hannah

    He can git tae fook! RE. number 4 on that, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Isabella of Spain and Catherine The Great called, they’d like a word. Possibly several, most of them rude, I should imagine. Angela Merkel would have a field day with this twat!
    The lefty liberal in me thinks prisoners, especially those who have received short term sentences, and children should be able to vote (16 and 17 year olds, they can get married and have sex, why shouldn’t they have a say in how things are run?)
    And women may be called weaker than men, doesn’t mean we are! I reckon old Larry boy would run a mile if he saw some of us coming towards him. I’ll bring the glitter, someone else can bring the pva glue! We’ll glue and glitter him. He’ll hate it!
    Urgh, I feel sorry for his in laws, imagine watching him slowly break down your daughter? That must be a nightmare to witness.

  • Hannah

    Well played!

  • Bravo Sierra

    Re: “Planning on selling Chinese food in a store in a predominately Chinese area is smart marketing.”

    It’s not smart marketing unless you’ve done some market research or you know the community and know that there is an actual preference and a need for that kind of food there.

    Edit: Plus, this comment opens up a whole Pandora’s box with regard to Asian American history, just by the way it was phrased.

  • Mel

    Larry’s a jerk – pure and simple. I’m glad his wife has living family who she’s still in contact with. With any luck, she’ll be exiting her mistake of a marriage within the next few years – and we can all look forward to Larry’s explanation of why his second divorce is completely and totally Biblical.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Point taken. I am sure Larry has her fully brainwashed

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Only reason I used Chinese is because that was one of the examples Larry gave. Nothing to do with Asians, just to point out that it wasn’t what Larry claimed. It’s not so much what he was claiming as it is effective business strategy, survival and knowing your market. It sure isn’t classic stereotyping.

  • AFo

    I’m pretty sure I know why Larry’s first wife cheated on him. Who wants to be degraded and demeaned and constantly reminded day after day that their value lies in their genitals, and they’re not smart enough to contribute anything else to the world.

  • Bravo Sierra

    I know it was Larry’s example. My point was that it is stereotyping. You’re saying it’s not stereotyping? Should I put an Olive Garden in a neighborhood just because a bunch of third- and fourth-generation Italian Americans live nearby?

  • bekabot

    Only man is made in God’s image, not women.

    Have said before, will say again: if this is true there’s no reason for any woman at any time in any place to listen to Larry Solomon or to any other man (including Jesus).
    When she dies she’ll blink out like a TV set, so she has nothing whatever to gain (or lose).

    There’s also no reason for any man (including Jesus) to do anything for any woman, so the issue of his ‘protecting’ her turns moot. Who cares what she ‘needs?’
    The actual question is what the dude needs, since he’s the person who’s ‘real.’ In Larry’s world, no man has anything to lose or gain based on his behavior toward a woman —
    not in the long run — whether his behavior is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

    Because you don’t have to answer before the Throne of Judgement for screwing up a TV set, do you? Of course not. QED.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    “You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my father!”

    She forgot to add, “And HE can’t tell me what to do, because I’m an adult!”

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    We’re just going to have to disagree on this one.

  • SAO

    Is it stereotyping to suggest it’s a reasonable idea to assume a neighborhood with a significant population of Italian-Americans would be a good place for an Italian restaurant?

  • NikkiofAmystika

    Elizabeth I would probably have a long and vivid string of profanities for him.

  • A. Noyd

    I guaran-effin-tee that if an ignorant cracker like Larry stocked a store in a Chinese (or Hispanic) neighborhood based on stereotypes of Chinese (or Hispanic) eating habits, he wouldn’t make a single stinking cent. There’s a damn good reason that markets catering to particular ethnicities are, even now, almost always run by people of those ethnicities themselves.

  • Saraquill

    I’ll reiterate something too. It’s good women don’t resemble Larry’s idea of G-d, as no one wants to look like Larry’s penis.

  • Bravo Sierra

    I think so.

  • Bravo Sierra

    May I suggest that you read The Accidental Asian by Erick Liu? (Or take a course on Asian American history?)

  • Iain Lovejoy

    The big surprise to me is that Larry is still married. His poor wife…

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    I’d say it’s probably quite likely that the niche has already been filled by the locals.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I’ll read the book, sure, but I seriously doubt there is any place here in Tamarindo Costa Rica that teaches Asian American history.

  • SAO

    I guess I see a sterotype as limiting or negative. Saying a Chinese-American will only eat Chinese food is limiting. Saying they won’t appreciate other cuisines is limiting and negative. However, to say they are more likely to eat more Chinese food than people not of Chinese heritage is not limiting.

    At some point, we have to draw a line between calling something a sterotype and celebrating diversity.

  • Bravo Sierra


  • Bravo Sierra

    Here’s the definition that came up for “stereotype”: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

    That definition doesn’t say anything about negative or limiting, but if you defy the stereotype, and people try to pigeonhole you anyway, it could be both negative and limiting.

  • texassa

    I love that “feminism” caused him to create his site and spout on about alleged blibical gender roles. Weak men are threatened by feminism; strong men embrace it themselves. The weakest men pout and stamp their feet over it. Poor Larry is simply outing himself as the latter here. Bless his (weak male) heart!

  • texassa

    Agree. If this woman had even an ounce of feminism in her, she’d have been out of there years ago.

  • Allison the Great

    The cool thing is that Elizabeth I would have had Shakespeare to help her write a diatribe against this nasty little prick. She was one of the Bard’s royal Patrons, was she not? I’m sure she could have ripped him to shreds on her own though.

  • Allison the Great

    He might have convinced her that nobody else wanted to marry her.

  • bekabot

    Madame Blavatsky once wrote that the conventional picture of Jehovah was one of a man no different from any other man except that he (He) was extravagantly bearded and outsized in every way.
    Sounds like Larry’s take exactly.

  • Allison the Great

    Holy shit, dude! Can anyone imagine having a father who thinks this way about you when you’re his daughter?/ I hope his daughter doesn’t live with him, that way it will be easier to cut him off once she turns 18. Unfortunately, according to Mr. Shitbag, she’s pretty brainwashed, so who knows if this girl will ever be free of this poison.

  • Almost a chimp

    The problem there, Jack, is that “You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my father!” is not the sort of sentence an adult would normally say. It’s what a child says to a step-father or a brother, for example, not a wife to her husband.
    I suspect that the never-respectful Larry is infantalising his wife here; if he can’t have himself an actual child bride he can at least make his wife sound like a teenager, at least in the fantasy world he presents through his blog.

  • SAO

    There’s a difference, IMHO, between observing a generality and a stereotype. A generality is useful, although we know that they are not true in all cases. If you can’t get beyond the generality, then you have a stereotype.

    If you observe a generality about a group, that’s not limiting. It’s when you assume that all individuals in the group are defined by that generality that you have a stereotype.

    When I lived in Haiti, many Haitians thought positively about white people — we were generous, smart, rich, etc. For some Haitians that was a generality they’d observed and heard. Perhaps it was the starting point of getting to know me, but they saw me as an individual who might or might not fit their generality. For others, that was all they needed to know. Thus, it was limiting and a stereotype. It prevented people from recognizing that I’m an individual.

  • Ruthitchka

    I sure feel sorry for the current Mrs. Larry Solomon, a “mistake”.

  • NikkiofAmystika

    How about Elizabeth and Shakespeare together against him? He wouldn’t stand a chance!

  • Bravo Sierra

    True story: At a job I worked at, one of my bosses had a positive stereotype about white males. He thought I was better suited for some particularly challenging jobs. I thought I was getting opportunities because he was being told of my hard work and talent. I found out much later that I got those opportunities (and thus a greater chance for advancement) merely because of stereotypes he held. When I found out, I was upset. Also, people who probably deserved those opportunities weren’t considered for them, and their advancement was limited.

    I’m not saying all stereotypes are bad (sometimes they help us make necessary decisions in a timely manner), but let’s not kid ourselves about what they are.

    Consider this, from a Psychology Today article: “Stereotypes of all kinds lump an individual into a group. When you find a stereotype applied to you, it removes some of your individuality. That happens whether the stereotype used was positive or negative. It is frustrating to realize that someone views you just as a member of a group and not as an individual. And in many situations, that leads you to dislike the person who made the comment.”

  • Quinsha

    Either that, or he is treating her like a child, and she (for good reason) resents it.

  • SAO

    Exactly. When you make a generality about a group, like Italian-Americans tend to like Italian food, it doesn’t remove anyone’s individuality, because it’s about a group. When you apply that generality to an individual, you take away the recognition that he is an individual, not a generic member of a group. Particularly when you can’t see beyond it to the individual, the same statement becomes a stereotype.

    Most racist or sexist generalites are stereotypes because they arise from the “fixed” part of your definition. Of course, the more complex the subject, the less likely a generality has value or is accurate. When we say something simple, like men are taller than women, we all know how it is measured and can all observe the same set of facts and exceptions.

    When someone says group A is smarter/works harder than group B, there are a gazillion confounding factors. Education, experience, motivation, opportunity.

  • enchess

    I was with my wife the other day at her doctor appointment. After awhile, the Christian doctor (she left enough hints in her speech for us to tell) turned to me and said, “I can’t believe you are letting your wife answer all of my questions. Normally men just answer for their wives.” I was obviously confused and offended. Not sure how these attitudes still exist in this day and age.

  • Bravo Sierra

    Re: “Italian-Americans tend to like Italian food”
    I doubt that’s even accurate. And what do we mean when we say “Italian food”?

  • SAO

    Well, my observation is that people tend to like the foods of their heritage more than others do, regardless of whether it is a more popular cuisine or not. My ethnic cuisine runs to pickled beets and pickled herring, but the percentage of people not of Northern European heritage that view them as a treat is not all that great. Besides, most people like Italian food. And yes, I have cookbooks that have both the American versions and the more authentic versions.

  • Bravo Sierra

    Re: “People tend to like the foods of their heritage”
    Hamburgers and french fries must be the food of my heritage. 😉
    Re: “Pickled beets and pickled herring … view them as a treat”
    More power to you. I just assume most families assimilate within three or four generations. You must have some good cooks in your family.