Have You Cross-Dressed Today?

Have You Cross-Dressed Today? January 2, 2018

Lori Alexanders Brain

Do you think that any of the female cultural enforcers of Quiverfull realize that clothing choices through the years are more cultural than Biblical? After reading this post by Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife I would venture to say no. Now she’s ragging on about not being a cross dresser. That’s rich considering for many long stretches of time men and women both wore the exact same garments – robes.

Shaking my head and laughing here at the notion of cross dressing in a society where everyone wears similar utilitarian clothing. Lori is quoting red pill male Dalrock here and illustrating her argument by sharing a photo of a female law enforcement officer in her uniform. Her. Uniform… which she is required by law to wear on the job, that is practical and suitable for the tasks one must do on that job!

Lori26Seriously? Men and women have always worn whatever their culture and position deems is correct. Jesus wore a robe, or what looks like a dress to our eyes. Mary and Martha wore something similar. Their era there wasn’t much difference between apparel for men and women, except for perhaps accessories.

Lori26No one of either sex should be shamed by anything on that list. The irony of Lori Alexander speaking out against male clothing worn by women is that she had her own modest/gender roles dressing scandal around the Forth of July when she posted a photo of herself in shorts, not a dress or the skirt, and clearly showed a great deal of thigh in the process. Some of Lori’s followers reacted badly, calling her out for immodesty and pants-wearing. She responded by saying that Ken wanted her to wear this and it was none of anyone else’s business. Yeah, just like it’s really not Lori’s business what that young woman law enforcement officer is wearing in the photo Lori jacked from the internet.

Lori follows all this up with being upset that people are not calling out women for being cross dresses, that it’s all so perfectly acceptable. Then she moves on to a list for men.

Lori28So Lori wants to make cross dressing some new type of sin? Cross dressing by her narrow gendered definition goes back to before Bible times. Whatever happened to allowing everyone to dress to suit their day, for comfort, for certain tasks? Lori has shown that she uses the privilege of dressing for comfort instead of her own stated rules.

moreRead more hypocrisy from Lori Alexander

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