Beat Your Children Because Jesus Knows Nothing?

Beat Your Children Because Jesus Knows Nothing? December 29, 2017

Lori Alexanders Brain

Another instance of hive-mind thinking in Quiverfull. Just the other day we had Zsuzsanna Anderson ranting about gentle parenting and unschooling. Today we have Lori Alexander upset about another type of gentle parenting I’d not heard of, Jesus Parenting, which sounds to me like it might not be a bad thing. I can see that Jesus would likely be a loving parent that took the time to talk and explain to children instead of always pulling out the plumbing line to lay down a whipping over normal childhood behavior.

Cannot fathom how Lori Alexander got hooked up with the Pearls method of beat ’em till they crack method of child abuse, err discipline. She’s educated, lives in a more liberal area of the country and just does not seem like someone who would get their jollys beating children. But she does.

Here’s Lori talking about gentle parenting:


But if we look at the Bible we see that every single time Jesus interacted with, talked about or referred to children he was kind and gentle, not chasing them around with a stick to beat them. Suffer the little children to come onto me.

Clearly Jesus isn’t a model for behavior for Evangelicals like Lori either considering he only lost his temper and punished those preying financially on the faithful in the temple and those rule-toting Pharisees. He hung around the poor, those outside of society and tax collectors.

Lori24What about those verses telling you not to provoke your child to wrath? Being beaten on a regular basis seems like a sure way to do that. If you’re going to use the Bible to back up your own sick ideas you need to look at all the verses,  not just the few you chose to cherry pick.

Lori25Show me one place in the Bible where Jesus told someone that they need to inflict pain on children to save their souls? We’ve all seen the fruit that comes from the over-harsh parents like the Pearls, children with emotional scars that impact their entire lives, who don’t have good relationships with their parents as adults, who pick up idea that the bigger stronger person who can inflict pain is the one that is to be obeyed, that violence is the way to resolve conflicts and a host of other problems.

moreRead more cherry-picked abusive ideas by Lori Alexander

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