Zsuzsanna Anderson Says Beat Your Homechooled Kids You Lazy Parents

Zsuzsanna Anderson Says Beat Your Homechooled Kids You Lazy Parents December 26, 2017

It’s not that the parenting is exactly lazy, it’s more a case of parents not schooling their children in the exact same method ad Zsuzsanna Anderson she despises. In particular unschooling parents and those that provide positive parenting.

Faithful Word Baptist Church pastor Steven Anderson’s wife Zsuzsanna has been much quieter in her blog, not posting frequently for quite some time. After you read her latest post – Radical Unschooling – you’ll be glad she is not daily pushing her vain imaginings and dangerous parenting advice.


While Zsu, like Michael Pearl, couches her advice on discipline in nicer words like ‘rod of correction’ and ‘swat on the behind’ it’s still advocating child abuse on the part of the parents to make the child mind without much explanation. Why do so many in this sub-culture find it so darn threatening to stop, talk to the child and explain?


It’s usually not the best idea to let kids run riot and do things that will harm them in the long run it’s still not the same level of abuse as using a piece of plumbing line to beat them into submission.

Monsters? Just called children she does not know a bunch of monsters?


You, I’m not crazy when I encounter children behaving badly with their parents doing nothing, but you know what? It’s not my business what they do or don’t do with their children unless it affects me personally. I would hope that not everyone in the world is a big old judgmental person judging the parents without knowing the circumstances. Did a child have to wait well past hunger to eat? Are they simply overstimulated and badly in need of a nap that could not take place because of some unavoidable circumstance? You just don’t know.  I do know that whipping them with a rod for having difficulty expressing needs or having needs at all is never a right thing to do.


But Zsuzsanna fails to realize that there are a lot of self-proclaimed Christian Patriarchs that are guilty of that behavior and think that the submission of women gives them every right to behave like that. Plus, I’m not sure you can call the cops and get them to do anything if your husband yell at you.


Asperger is a real and legitimate medical diagnosis. So is Oppositional Defiance Disorder and a host of other behavioral disorders. They cannot be cured with Kombucha or essential oils or prayer.


If only it was that simple. But unfortunately for Zsuzsanna and the rest of the ‘beat ’em’ crowd in Evangelical Quiverfull it never is. What works for one child may not work for another. Nice bit of parental blaming and shaming while ordering others to beat their kids.

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