The Devil Woos You Away to Work?

The Devil Woos You Away to Work? December 27, 2017


Oh good grief! Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies loves to claim that the Devil does all sorts of stuff that I think it’s more reasonable to blame on our own selves, our culture or that aren’t even remotely sins, like working outside of the home.

Why is the idea of working outside of the home so incredibly threatening for many fundamentalists and evangelicals? Is it the possible exposure to things beyond the cult that might make the blinders fall from your eyes and embrace feminism? Is it the weak, wimpy, can’t care for themselves natures of the self-proclaimed Christian Patriarchal men?

Here’s what Nancy said this time:


How incredibly fear-monger-y is this? Work away from home and lose your husband and kids to sin and the devil.  Blaming and shaming for not praying enough for the children, but not laying out any possible metric to quantify what that amount of prayer might be. So kind, so loving, so crazy-making. No wonder that anti depressant use is highest in fundamentalist religion groups! There’s just no telling exactly where the goal post is because it keeps moving in an irrational way every single time you think you might have figured it out.

Clearly Nancy Campbell gets some sort of sick satisfaction in keeping her followers fearful and off-balance, never sure they’d good enough or doing it the right way. That’s what cult leaders do to control their followers.

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Jesus Wants You to Cook

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