Selfish White Millennials Refusing to Out breed Scary Brown and Black People?

Selfish White Millennials Refusing to Out breed Scary Brown and Black People? December 28, 2017
There’s so much awful below that we need something calm and pretty to distract from the disgusting ideas. Here’s a seabird searching for a snack in Playa Langosta, Costa Rica yesterday.

We haven’t taken a look at openly racist Mormon wife Ayla Stewart from Wife With a Purpose in quite some time. She’s on a bender of very bad, toxic and racist ideas while complaining she was banned from Twitter, had posts removed from Facebook and a three day suspension after accusing black voters voting against Roy Moore of various stupid racist things. Ayla’s been stating how the Mormon church has never publicly disciplined or said anything to her about her stances. She’s been raving about what ‘White Culture’ is and why she thinks it is important to support it and white supremacists. Her videos have been removed from Youtube for being racist and she’s carried on about it being stripped of her first amendment rights for being a self-proclaimed Christian. Expressed admiration for right-wing nut job media carbuncle Ann Coulter. It’s a nasty, dirty, non-Jesus-y job, but she obviously feels like being this completely racist is her God-given calling.

No matter how much of the Bible she tries to wrap around her racist views it’s not very Christian.

Now this, a claim that millennials are not doing their jobs cranking out white babies. The same thing said by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies, but Nancy is smart enough to hide her racist reasons from the general public. Ayla, unfortunately for her, is not.


Yes, she’s actually quoting statistics that seem to approve of teen mothers. Anything to keep scary dark folks from out populating the world. Now the study she cites does say that population growth rates in immigrant populations is still greater than white it too is declining. But I seriously doubt Ayla Stewart looked at the original study at Negative Population Growth, Inc. She took a look at only the article she linked to at the less than truthful Washington Examiner – another Right Wing publication that skews towards her demographic.

Notice that the only three populations out there that she cites need to start having more babies are ‘Traditionalists,’ ‘Christians,’ and ‘White People’…. White people?!? and she still wonders why she’s being banned on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Another dumb reason to blame Millennials, a group with the direst outlook since the Great Depression. The unavailability of jobs good enough to be able to support themselves, combined with great student debt, and the risings costs of everything make it nearly impossible for this age group to achieve the life markers of college, job, marriage and family that previous generations have focused upon. Can you blame them for not wanting to start families at a young age? It would condemn many of them to abject poverty that would be nearly impossible to climb out of.

If anything have sympathy for the Millennial Generation. Stop blaming them, like Ayla is doing in her short piece. It’s never healthy to push parenthood on those not ready for it.

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Out-Breeding Brown People

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