Doug Wilson Ponders the ‘Sexdollification’ of Evangelicalism – Mechanical Infidelity

Doug Wilson Ponders the ‘Sexdollification’ of Evangelicalism – Mechanical Infidelity January 3, 2018


Sexdollification, a made up word that Doug Wilson is probably busy patting himself on the back for coining. He genuinely believes he is so, so clever, especially in this post on his blog ‘Sexdollification of Western Women’ where he acts as if he’s just discovered that married Christian couples might be using sex toys in the bedroom. He goes from that premise into what my father used to call ‘twenty dollar words’ and absurdist fantasies of divorces fueled by vibrator usage – mechanical infidelity.

Doug also throws around the word “casuistry” a great deal here. I had to stop and look it up because it was unfamiliar. This is what it means. From Websters online.


Okay, now we have Doug’s fancy word he looked up in his thesaurus/dictionary out of the way let’s look at his argument, an argument that tells me he never considered the possibility of anything different than man on top in the dark missionary position sex among Christians. Guessing he missed “Lars and the Real Girl”

Doug10Doug does not realize this is an old issue and no one has sued anyone else for mechanical infidelity. Yawn, move along here, nothing new to see.

What is the most frightening to me about Doug Wilson and other Quiverfull cultural enforcers is that they genuinely believe they have control, or a say in, the personal bedroom antics of their followers. Cult leaders also believe that. Charles Manson used to control his acolytes sex lives by handing out acid tabs and assigning roles in the nightly orgies. Doug dreams of that level of control.

Doug10Sexual tsunami? He’s on a roll. Again, these are things that have been going on for years now.

Interesting that he’s saying that even talking about such things is prohibited because of the nature of vicarious thrill and titillation when that’s exactly what he is doing here. Again, a couple’s sex life is their business alone.

In the rest of the piece Doug manages to denounce and sneer at a long laundry list of celebrities and others that do not conform to his self-defined version of righteousness, poking his nose into all sorts of issues of sexuality, from gender identification to sexual proclivities. He goes so far as to say that these are people and things seeking to tear down decent Christian society. His list?

  • Bestiality (why is it that this is one of the first things patriarchs cite when talking of sexual immorality?)
  • Brothels
  • German Nazis (in a round about way)
  • The Ruling Elite
  • Feminists
  • Vichy Government
  • Bruce Jenner (refusing to use her chosen name of Kaitlyn)
  • Porn
  • One-handed magazines
  • Bitchy women
  • Cat Stevens (this one is most strange but it’s only because he’s now Muslim)
  • Lesbians

I leave you with this quote of his from the middle of that list:

“You can get sex the same way that people buying a double-wide trailer in the 70’s could get wood paneling.”

Exclusionary and judging based on class of housing. I’m so sure that Jesus would not like that much.

Skipping many paragraphs of his defining what true womanhood and manhood looks like because we all know what that looks like in Evangelical Quiverfull. Women stay home having babies and treating their husbands like God, while men behave in ways that reminds one of petty, tin-plated dictators.

Doug needs to stay out of everyone else’s bedroom. Owning your own sexuality, no matter what that looks like, is not his business at all.

moreMore of Doug’s word salad

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