Nancy Campbell Worships Wombs?

Nancy Campbell Worships Wombs? January 4, 2018

Womb or Kracken? From Deviant Art and Facebook

This is one of those extra-Biblical themes, making it all up and claiming it’s Biblical, that Above Rubies Nancy Campbell likes to engage in. Not a lick of truth of sense in it, but Nancy insists it is so. Womb worship is an important man-made pillar of Quiverfull theology.

Her title – God Chose A Womb – is what Nancy really thinks happens. Instead of it being a fact of biology, that sperm and egg meet and grow into a zygote into a fetus before being born as a infant, Nancy insists this is some fancy Jesus magic going on to determine who will bear a child.

All this womb talk of Nancy’s is making me think about womb look-alikes Kranken and the sigil for House Greyjoy in “Game of Thrones”


If Satan hates the womb, as Nancy states, and that womb and it’s fruit of Jesus dealt Satan a death blow then why are we even still having this conversation today? Man, that devil is so busy in the world of Nancy Campbell that I wonder he has time to do all these things simultaneously. I have to go now because I can feel my sarcasm going into lethal levels now.

On a serious note, everything coming from the mouth/mind/fingers of Nancy is starting to sound exactly like the word of the Aunts in Hulu’s show “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Seems fitting to discuss on a day where the three most recent Duggar brides, Joy-Anna, Kendra and Jinger are pregnant at the same time.

moreMore lack of all logic from Nancy Campbell

The Devil Woos You Away to Work

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