Lori Alexander Does Not Understand Finance, Education and Parenting

Lori Alexander Does Not Understand Finance, Education and Parenting January 5, 2018

Lori Alexanders Brain

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has been busy like a bee this week ordering others to be thrifty, homeschool their children, denigrating higher education for females, and predicting all sorts of mayhem for women who refuse to be stay at home mothers in her blog The Transformed Wife.  Let’s examine some of that since, per usual, she does not seem to understand many of these issues. It’s all her own personal preferences instead of logic or reason.

Today’s post is just lazy, Lori once again using the words of her chatroom members before going out of her way to promote the chatroom and then stating how strict the standards are for that chatroom. Which does not stop there being spying eyes in that chatroom apparently as some rather interesting screen caps from her chatroom end up online frequently.

This is not from that chatroom, but from her public blog. Oh my the lies, the lies are burning my eyes! Do you think that homeschooling creates better socialization for children like Lori’s followers say? My personal experience is that it does exactly the opposite, setting up the children for a lifetime of misunderstandings and problems.


Then we move to this lie. That homeschooled kids are automatically heathier.

Lori30 Slower meals and no rushing is the best this momma can come up with? Actually, the nice things that can create better future health that public schooling does do are:

  • Have phys ed classes. Having  your child do chores around the house is not the same thing.
  • Periods of play outside in the form of recess. Mostly not done in homeschooling because of the demands of a huge family. Although it seems like there might be kids going outside to play occasionally.
  • Periods of rest usually involving reading
  • Many schools participate in the USDA lunch program meaning they only serve balanced meals. How many homeschooling stay at home families have we seen in our communities and online who feed their children a cheaper high carb diet and, or like the Pearls literal animal feed.

Granted, there are some homeschooling families that have scheduled these important features into their homeschooling day, but on the whole it looks like many of the homeschooling crowd does not do scheduled anything, it’s a day by day process. Which is unfortunate as many children will do better within a structured framework than the shifting around of life.

Yesterday was more inane blathering about homeschool from Lori mixed with quoting an article from the highly-suspect The Federalist. A few highlights.


Is this public school or “Lord of the Flies”? While bullying is very wrong it is rampant in her version of Christianity too. In Quiverfull Evangelical families it’s the way the family runs; Dad bullies Mom, Mom bullies the kids and then the children bully the younger siblings. Keeping your children off social media and out of public schools is not going to make them any safer from bullying.

The day before that Lori is back to her theme of no college because it is costly, no debt at all and how women not being frugal enough ruin families and homes.

Remember last year when NLQ did a review of her book “The Power of the Transformed Wife” and noticed that Lori had exactly no idea of what to do so that a healthy financial family life might happen? She was ordering everyone to be frugal with no understanding or education about how to make that happen. This is more of the same.


She still does not know. Here’s what I said last year that I stand behind still – Lori Has Scanty Knowledge of How Money Works. It’s the only way we were able to retire to a tropical paradise in Costa Rica was by following these ideas. Please do not rely on Lori Alexander’s paltry ideas on money.

Lori would do her followers a solid favor if she were just educate herself on the issues of money, schooling and parenting instead of making things up from her fear-laden

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