Guard Your Womb or Satan Will Steal It?

Guard Your Womb or Satan Will Steal It? April 4, 2018

Even though Nancy Campbell does not come out and actually state that those of us who have had to have hysterectomies or suffer from infertility have had Satan steal our wombs knowing what her theology is tells me that she likely believes it. This idea that you must always guard your womb or worship God for the honor of possessing a uterus is Nancy’s most constant theme. It is a central theme in Quiverfull.

This comes from two consecutive posts of Nancy’s this week on the preciousness of wombs.

So by that reasoning those that suffer from fertility problems or medical conditions of the reproductive organs are somehow not ‘saved’?

Again, what about those that cannot conceive or carry a child to maturation? When Nancy and others push this view of blessings, wombs and fertility they subtly impugn that those who cannot have children are either being punished for some secret sin or are somehow lesser or unsaved. Sadly they do not understand the deep pain they cause those without the same happy luck of healthy biology.

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