Dad Stopped Beating Mom Because Bible – Lori Alexander’s Commenters

Dad Stopped Beating Mom Because Bible – Lori Alexander’s Commenters May 11, 2018

Much of what has been posted at Lori Alexander’s blog The Transformed Wife this week has been largely uninteresting. Even more so than the usual parade of don’t divorce, don’t teach men, submit, submit, submit. Eye-rollingly dull. Until I saw this comment on a piece by Lori on how some women have the audacity to be feminists AND Christians. The crux of everything seems to be she is upset that these Christian Feminists (likely only in her mind) is that they accuse of her saying to stay with an abusive husband. She denies this. One of her commenters tells of tale of how her dad stopped beating mom, and how happy they were.

Here’s the comment on the post about Biblical Feminists –

Sorry, still not buying it. Most organizations that track abuse in marriage have statistics showing that the abuse usually escalates until one of two things happens. Either the abuse becomes so intense the victim leaves, or the victim ends up dead. Even this story had escalating violence and divorce before that happy and likely fictional ending.

Lori’s denial of her words is pretty breathtaking. Here’s a screen cap of something she said concerning divorcing because of physical abuse:

Does Lori’s Facebook comment sound like the words of someone that thinks abuse must not lead to divorce? Looks like no divorce ever from here. She’s copying her idol Debi Pearl in saying that it’s alright to separate from your abuser but that you must not divorce him, you must give him endless opportunities to repent. That is a recipe for dead women and children. When your theology has a body count you should rethink what it is you believe.

If you are being abused, or your children are being abused please get out! Listening to Lori Alexander and her fan girls will just lead to more abuse.

Pssst, Lori, this is what it looks like when you do not erase links to organizations to help your readers struggling with life and death situations. (Back story – Lori Alexander once erased suicide hotline numbers out of her blog comments aimed towards a suicidal commenter)

The National Domestic Violence Hotline – (800) 799.7233 


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