Debi Pearl Raises Geniuses? Part 1

Debi Pearl Raises Geniuses? Part 1 May 14, 2018

It’s going to take me a few days to unpack this bouillabaisse of wishful thinking, outright lies, and bad advice on parenting from Debi Pearl in this latest issue of No Greater Joy magazine. The piece is titled ‘Brain Grooving’, and no, it is not about raves, electronica music or the blues. It’s about directing your child’s brain development to create super moral genius children. Debi Pearl raises geniuses? Right? Making those essential grooves in the brain.

Debi starts out citing how important certain milestones are for normal animal development, before shifting that to the milestones in children. She claims to have potty trained her kids quickly and early, followed by a pretty unlikely laundry list of all the ways she turned out superior educated children with high accomplishments.

Yeah, right, we all can see the truth. There’s not a one that has turned out to be a world expert or phenom at anything. Then she goes here, straight into Evangelical food and diet over the top claims, the bugaboo being junk food, of course:

There is quite a lot very wrong here. While good nutrition is important giving in to the occasional cheeseburger or Doritos is unlikely to ruin your children, or cause them to develop cancer as adults. Instilling fear in parents, check. Referring to beating children out of the blue that does not relate to anything else in those paragraphs, check. Shaming and blaming others, check. As incoherent as you can expect from the Pearls.

Stay tuned. Debi takes us on a long rant through the land of controlling your children completely.

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