Debi Pearl Raises Geniuses? Part 2

Debi Pearl Raises Geniuses? Part 2 May 15, 2018

So we’re back with Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy magazine in a piece titled ‘Brain Grooving’ that is just ridiculous covert justification for physical violence disguised as discipline. With a heaping helping of shaming and blaming. To listen to all of this you might think Debi Pearl raises geniuses instead of people too afraid to have personal opinions or stray far from the family nest.

We’re still on the sticky subject of food. Debi is not only advising only serving what she considers healthy foods, but to teach children to wait to eat, not to eat when hungry. Heaven forfend that anyone in her circle of influence actually break down and meet the genuine needs of a child in a timely manner! Feeding a child who is hungry when he is hungry instead of making him/her wait to scheduled meal time leads to all sorts of liberal tragedies. Like drug addictions and obesity. Debi also thinks it causes depression and promiscuity.  Demons I tells you!!!

This is not self-discipline, this is teaching denial of needs. It’s not a sin for a child to be hungry between meals! It’s pretty normal actually. The New York Times did a piece on the always hungry teenage boy without saying they should just control themselves until dinnertime. The consensus seems to be to feed the child when they are hungry, but makes sure the meals consist of fruits, veggies and high fiber items.

What this type of thinking Debi exhibits can do it touch off a lifetime of eating disorders. Creating an eating disorder is not a kind thing to do. Denying a hungry child food isn’t kind either.

Feed your children when they are hungry without shaming them.

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