Is NLQ ‘Natalist’?

Is NLQ ‘Natalist’? May 1, 2018

Recently I received a crazy sounding email from someone accusing me of being a ‘Natalist’, claiming I was promoting an agenda of enslaving men and pumping out babies. I laughed, because the truth is pretty opposite. Here it is, here and at Jerks 4 Jesus.

Suzanne your article on Quiverfull posted in Patheos deeply concerns me.

It seems you are advocating for natalism, but pretending to use a scapegoat to push your version of natalism.
Women also skip the pill and poke holes in condoms.  They have a corrupt legal system to ensure all men will be forced to pay them for doing it.
You had a job and money but couldn’t abort.  The kids were your choice not his.
And your article also pushes psychiatric treatment for people who are religious which doesn’t help at all since being religious is a disease itself.
So how about you admit you are also guilty of being a natalist instead of blaming a man only.
Most people should not have kids considering they are are mentally unstable with anger or abuse from their long history of religious parents.
Religious people male the worst parents.
I hope you learn to see why natalism is abuse of children and women are complicit in promoting it by playing victim which only makes men hornier.
And makes your position unfit for therapy since you seem incapable of producing an honest article that does not end in essentially saying;
“All men are required to be husbands otherwise they will be considered ‘controlling’ because women are concubines and must become pregnant and birth control is a crime and condoms are the only thing that works since Evangelicals are heavily invested in condoms but not birth control since they are afraid of barren women.”
Barren women and sterile men scare natalists, who treat them as demonic or corrupted.
I have been at this longer than you have and habe a better eye for corruption.
Patheos produce knee jerk Patriarchal articles and Feminist articles but is incapable of a middle ground.
(Snipped out links to various sites not relevant to this letter.)
Your most ancient set of eyes, D.

I admit I had to stop and look up the meaning of this ‘Natalist’ he’s saying I am. Here’s what it means:

No Longer Quivering means deciding how many children you will have between you and your partner without the church involved. It means using whatever birth control you like without the church being involved. It means no children if you don’t want them. It means no marriage if you don’t want to be married.

Many of us here are ex-Quiverfull. NLQ Founder Vyckie Garrison has a whole pile of kids from following Quiverfull theology before turning against it. I have a mere two, followed by a complete and total hysterectomy. Many here have very similar stories. We do not promote rampant militant motherhood like you suggest. Read the archive of personal accounts here of those that have been through hell with years of baby after baby coming in close succession and tell me how we are promoting birth in any way? You cannot.

Another Red Pill dude reading comprehension fail. Did he even read more than a paragraph of one post? I don’t think so.

Some of the hate emails I get make me laugh at the ridiculousness of them.

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