No Room in America for Non-Whites?

No Room in America for Non-Whites? June 25, 2018

I have been debating with myself all week as to if I should say anything, or put up a post about the horrible situation playing out on the southern border of the USA. That the Trump administration was seizing children and purposely separating families. The message by the administration is very clear, even after stopping the separations – There is no room in America for non-whites.

As someone who has spent years working in the social services field I’ve been in tears much of the last few weeks. Seeing children as young as toddlers being housed in what amounts to chain link dog kennels tears at my heart and makes me hate the current administration. This is not good for children on any level, and makes me remember my time working at a childrens residential treatment center where great pains were taken to make sure the facility was home-like and comforting. Kids who have been removed from parental care need to be surrounded by those who will give them the care they need. No one is allowed to touch these children, or pick them up.

It makes me sick to be an American, and even sicker to be an American living in Central American, seeing refugees from Nicaragua’s recent violence fleeing into Costa Rica. CR treats those running from violence with kindess and dignity, as it should be. The U.S.  is not understanding or caring that the flood of refugees from Central America are runing from extreme violence. They should be given the opportunity to apply for sanctuary, not arrested and treated like scum.

So earlier this week our President’s wife, Melania Trump, went to visit these glorified dog pounds holding children. She wore a coat with the words ‘I really don’t care, do u?’ emblazoned on the back, offending many by her callous statement during the visit. And then I find this:

A post titled “Scientists Have Predicted What Americans Will Look Like in 2020 and It’s Gorgeous!” It’s a photo of Melania wearing the offensive coat with only the words ‘Hail Queen!’ This is on Ayla Stewart’s blog, Wife With a Purpose, which I am no longer linking to. Ayla’s idea of what America should look like is a questionable plastic surgery enthusiast who might just be an illegal alien from Eastern Europe who has also made some very bad life choices.

How very quaint. It is Ayla’s only reaction to the immigration crisis, and she still claims she’s not a racist.. that is about as racist as you can get without wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt screaming about the N-word.

But it was the post below the Melania one that really drove home the point of her racism. She was carrying on over the newest ‘The Purge’ movie maligning whites and Republicans. Where has she been? ‘The Purge: Election Year’ was a laughably bad film that pitted the cartoonish evil Republicans against the white female savior Democrat. I thought that the film’s direction was not going to help the Democrats in the election, and sure enough it didn’t. It was also pretty poorly done with continuity errors galore that just ruined the film for me.

One thing all of ‘The Purge’ movies do is show blacks as both victims and aggressors. But according to Ayla Stewart what the movies do is show the extermination of the white race. Here’s a list of her histrionic claims:

  • Since the entire leading cast is black this is somehow demonizing of white folks.
  • The film is an attempt to legitimize crimes by blacks against whites.
  • The film shows Trump supporters and Russians creating the purge to cleanse the nation of blacks.
  • The film calls for a white genocide for real and wants to spur blacks to kill whites.
  • Whites should not feel guilty for their superior advantages or superiority.

Then Ayla leaps from a Blumhouse film that has not even been released yet that she could not have possibly seen yet to this hateful screed:

Are you tired of this yet? They take your money out of your paycheck every month to disproportionally distribute to black communities through social services.

They tell you that your children should be passed over to get into school and to get a job because of affirmative action. You and your children have the wrong skin color. White.

They destroy your neighborhoods with crime, drugs, and gangs and rob you of your home equity. They play the knockout game and leave your grandmother bleeding and unconscious on the pavement.

This is what toxic racism masquerading as Christianity looks like.

Ayla Stewart can claim all day that she’s not a ‘racism’ but as the Bible says ‘The good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil: for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.”

FYI: I am not linking to Ayla or doing screen caps because she has stepped up her efforts to make as mucy money via hits as possible. I do not wish to help a white supremist quiverfull to game the system for her fake ministry.

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