Only Debt-Free Tattoo-Free Virgins Can be Good Christian Wives?

Only Debt-Free Tattoo-Free Virgins Can be Good Christian Wives? July 17, 2018

Wow, that’s a really oddly specific bar that Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has installed. Odd metric to measure by. Lori is saying that only debt-free (translation from Fundy meaning no college at all) and tattoo-free virgins are desired by men for wives.

Where is she getting this from? Did she survey a thousand guys to come up with this? Nope, Lori did like she always does, pulled it from her derriere, ooops I meant Bible, but really the same thing.

This is another piece Lori didn’t write or bother to research. She’s quoting from an email she received with her own thoughts in parenthesis. I would venture to say that the original writer has never lived in the ‘real’ world. Her only interactions are filtered through fear mongering and whatever her daddy and daddy-husband has told her. Here are a few choice selections from the demented advice:

I don’t know what this gal is talking about. Everyone leaving my home for college knew how to work in the garden, cook meals for an entire family AND do their own laundry and simple clothing repair.

Not everyone is as interested in sabataging a birth control device to stay home with their children as Lori clearly is.

And this nonsense about husbands training wives is just wrong on so many levels. Women are not animals that must be whacked on the nose with rolled up newspaper to remember to do things *HIS* way. (not that I condone using any physical violence to train an animal!)

So now women and girls cannot read the Bible and possibly understand it without a male relative doing interpretation for them? Funny, that’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, or at least the New Testament. Jesus never said to make sure your husband or father led you to Him! More layers of man-made authorithy that just tends to screw everything up!

Nowhere in any of this does Lori’s correspondent mention tattoos. That was cobbled on by Ms. Alexander herself. I have to wonder why she suddenly jumped to tattoo hatred.


On the plus side remember the lady that wanted Lori to remove the photo she personally thought might lead her husband astray into lust? Lori’s other commenters told her to tell her husband to grow up.

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