Men Need to March For Their Rights?

Men Need to March For Their Rights? July 16, 2018
The infamous hat straight from the Pussyhat Project where work continues on woman’s issues.

This is from another one of Lori Alexander’s wanna-be commenters blogs – Plain Keeper at Home – a woman named Regina playing at being a Amish/Mennonite alike with similair views to Lori. This one just made me laugh, her decrying the women’s ‘Pussy Hat’ marches without the ability to use the words ‘Pussy Hats’. She thinks those pink  cat eared hats are somehow representative of actual vaginas instead of being symbolic. She thinks men need to march for their rights. So much so ridiculous in a few short paragraphs.

What does the Pussyhat Project say the hat stands for?

The Pussyhat™ is a symbol of support and solidarity for women’s rights and political resistance. Make a hat! Give a hat! Wear your hat! Share a hat!

See, nothing about unruly vaginas no matter what fetid fantasies cooked up by those Quiverfull cultural enforcers, the same folks that seem perfectly fine with out president saying ‘Grab them by the pussy’

There is still a great deal of work to be done outside of the marches. See the Pussyhat Project for more.

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  • Anri

    What would happen if a man wore a hat symbolic of a phallus?

    …he’d be the Pope?

  • Bravo Sierra

    …and a dick.

  • Tawreos

    I really don’t think we need the repetition, Pope summed it up quite nicely. =)

  • Foxglove

    Their right not to be exposed to half-dressed women in the workplace, in church, in the street, on magazine covers? Oh yeah, I can just see thousands and thousands of men marching to demand that right. As a matter of fact, I’m going to phone my son right now to tell him there’s a march on. He’ll say, “Great! Where are we meeting up?”

    The one question I have, though, is what are these churches that women attend half-dressed? Churches that are trying to increase their male membership? I suppose any way you can get them in the door is valid.

  • Nea

    She’s obviously got access to a computer and newspapers, so I’m surprised that she’s unaware of the annual anti-abortion March for Life, the Promise Keeper’s March, the Million Man March (oops, probably the wrong kind of man she wants gathering in groups),not to mention the upcoming white supremacy Unite the Right march.

  • Brian Curtis

    Well, if they want to march against draft registration (for example), I’m all for it.

  • Iain Lovejoy
  • SAO

    What if men march in the streets to “demanding their right to be treated as men and not a child (sic) by their wives and girlfriends”?

    What does she want the government to do? Write and enforce laws that tell women how to address men? She knows half the voters are women, right?

  • Martin Penwald

    Sorry to point the dumb, here, but do these people proof read what they just wrote?

    (…)if men had a march similar to the recent women’s marches demanding their right not to be exposed to half dressed women in the workplace, in church, on the street, on magazine covers, etc?

    What’s the problem with half dressed women? Having frequented non-religious Patheos blogs since a few years, I know that it means that half dressed women provoke incontrollable lust in men who are then forced to rape the aforementionned women. Poor guys…
    But then, we have the following, not a lot of pages later, but in the very next sentence :

    What if they marched demanding their right to be treated like men and not a child by their wives and girlfriends?

    You mean, considered like someone who can’t control their urges in presence of a half dressed woman?

  • AFo

    You would think she’s being dragged kicking and screaming to attend a march and wear a pussyhat. I also don’t understand why she’s drawing attention to the movement if she doesn’t want people to be part of it.

  • Saraquill

    I’m all for men of color, queer men, disabled men and other marginalized males or male allies marching and performing other forms of activism. As for those guys Lori’s rambling about, chances are she’d throw tantrums if they were treated like grown men rather than toddlers.

  • Iain Lovejoy

    You misunderstand, I think, what being treated like “men” rather then children means in these people’s upside-down, Alice in Wonderland world. To be treated “like a man” means being allowed to do what you want when you want with everyone else doing what you say. To be treated “like a child”, on the other hand, means being told you have to conform to the wishes or convenience of others.
    So, if a man is uncomfortable at how he reacts to a woman, and is told he can’t then make her dress in a way he’d prefer, he is being treated “like a child” in comparison to the woman, because his wishes are being thwarted in favour of the woman’s, because she gets to dress how she wishes without his say-so.

  • I’m a man. I’ve marched for my rights. Indeed, when I marched in the 2017 and 2018 Women’s Marches I was marching for my rights. When I marched in the Science Marches I was marching for my rights. When I protested at my Senator’s office in opposition to Pruitt, I was marching for my rights.

    If we truly intend to be a free, egalitarian country, everybody’s rights are my rights, and mine are everybody’s. Otherwise, it’s all just a fiction.

  • What would happen if a man wore a hat symbolic of a phallus?

    I think it’s a bit disturbing that she apparently thinks a Pussy Hat is symbolic of a vagina. What does she see in its shape that is “inappropriate”? The hat is a play on words to draw attention to the inappropriate actions and words of Trump.

    The reversed equivalent wouldn’t be a hat symbolic of a phallus. If a female leader suggested “grabbing them by the dong”, men might where “Dong Hats” that looked like bells.

    It’s about words, not anatomy.

  • I’m all for anybody marching for rights. The failure here is marching for privilege.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    I wonder what would happen if men had a march similar to the recent women’s marches demanding their right not to be exposed to half dressed women in the workplace, in hcurhc on the street, on magazine covers, etc?

    They would be laughed at, because no such right exists.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    And if straight, white, wealthy men have legitimate grievances and want to march in protest of those grievances, that’s fine too.

  • Nea

    She’s virtue signalling that she’s not one of those nasty women. She’s one of the good girls, and expects to be given a cookie.

  • bekabot

    I’m not a transhumanist, but some guys we oughta clone, and you, sir, are one of them.

  • Well, shucks. (But I think my wife might think one of me is enough.)

  • bekabot

    Oooh: modest, too. {melts}

  • kilda

    What if men march in the streets to “demanding their right to be treated as men and not a child (sic) by their wives and girlfriends”?
    you mean, they should be treated like grownups who can see a woman in shorts without being seized by the uncontrollable urge to rape her? Like grownups who can cook or clean for themselves? like grownups who can handle a woman having an opinion without wilting into a puddle of threatened masculinity?
    why do I have the feeling none of those is what she means by treating them like men instead of children?

  • Anonyme

    I’m sure Lori thinks “men’s rights” only applies to cisgender, straight, evangelical Christian men. I don’t know if she’s racist though.

  • Saraquill

    Some of the things Suzanne’s quoted from her contained coded racism.

  • I don’t know if she’s racist though.

    The scariest racists are the ones who don’t even know they’re racists.

  • Anri

    My understanding is that codpiece fashion is a very useful tool* in dating art, as it was very specific to decade and region, and well-documented.


  • Martin Penwald

    The Black Russian. It terrifies the clergy.

  • A great number of males are discriminated against in this country.

    To start with: Transgender men are being actively kicked out of the military despite their excellent service. Fathers legally applying for refugee status and obeying the regulations about U.S. immigration completely are being put into bureaucratic nightmares, including some having their children ripped from their arms. The opioid crisis has meant countless young boys suffering in homes due to parents addicted to dangerous drugs, all of this being the result of big business choosing profits over people while government made it all worse.

    Of course, all of these horrible things are being done by the current administration in league with ideological extremists… exactly the kind of people that the so-called ‘men’s rights movement’ don’t march against. If anything, they’re among Trump’s closest supporters. Ugh.

  • Hah!

  • There’s a sick kind of irony in that hurtful stereotypes about men (i.e. ‘all men are pigs’, ‘they can’t help but attack women everywhere’, ‘they’re complete perverts when they have a chance’, ‘talk of romance is like kryptonite to them’, etc) get constantly peddled by the same social conservatives who claim to be supportive of ‘men’s rights’ as an abstract kind of thing.

    Just look at all of the debates over transgender individuals using public restrooms. Apparently, every single young straight guy is a potential rapist who’ll lose it at a fresh chance to prey upon women… or, at least, Mike Huckabee will imply as such: Ugh.

  • smrnda

    When was there a protest against ‘half naked’ men by women? She seems to be imagining an outrage where non existed.

    If a man is being ‘treated like a child’ by his spouse or girlfriend, he is free to break up or take advantage of no fault divorce laws. And I’m seeing this more a problem with these QF types who have to talk about nitpicking what their husbands eat.

    And in terms of ‘men being portrayed as idiots on TV or in movies’ does she not get that many of these characters have been written by men? It isn’t like media isn’t still a very male dominated industry.

    With abortion, if the man was the one carrying the fetus to term, he could make the calls.

  • Nea

    Lori jumped on the “hats = pudenda” theme very quickly, to the point that in an earlier Quoting Quiverfull she was outright calling them “vagina hats.” As opposed to one of the world’s most simple knitting patterns and thus showing up not only for a very long time, but in multiple cultures.

    Anyone who has a vagina with pussy ears needs to see a doctor.

  • Nea

    Slacktivist has been doing a lot of posts pointing out that American evangelical culture is thoroughly racist. I’m sure Lori is, although I’m not sure she realizes it because “everybody” she trusts equally is.

  • heleninedinburgh

    Or to be given permission to keep one of the cookies she makes for her owner – sorry, husband.

  • heleninedinburgh

    Oh god, I thought the writing in the top left-hand corner said ‘Price $45.99 used.’

  • Kevin K

    Something stupid Lori said has hit my Facebook feed. Surprising how many people had no idea she existed.

  • Annerdr

    I think she believes women marching to demand an end to sexual harassment is almost the same thing as men marching to demand women wear muumuus.

  • persephone

    But those same things are happening to women, so those are general human rights issues.

  • persephone

    I am so f**king angry at my relatives who voted for Trump. I have two draft age sons. I’m worried every day that Bolton will get his way and they’ll get drafted into some endless land war.

  • persephone

    It’s amazing how all those idiot men on TV still manage to have wives who are younger, smarter, attractive, and slim.

  • persephone

    It popped up on Twitter, too.

  • smrnda

    She seems to have an odd idea of ‘sexual harassment.’ That usually requires making an advance, remark, touching someone inappropriately. It’s an issue of behavior, not attire.

  • This notion is there that TV treats a lot of men badly… true enough. BUT it sure as hell doesn’t treat them uniquely badly. It must be mentioned as well in terms of TV: God forbid that you be one of a wide variety of women that can be easily stereotyped, because those hit them hard.

    To pick just one example: the association of female sex workers with homicide victims or other crime victims for the purposes of ‘drama’ is this annoying ‘disposable female’ trope that seems to never die. That’s particularly galling since said women are basically props for those shows and nothing more.

  • Now… I see that too, damn.

  • If the single-sex draft ever does come back into force, then it needs to be flooded by lawsuits.