Gabe Pearl Tries to Project Himself as a ‘Protector of Children’

Gabe Pearl Tries to Project Himself as a ‘Protector of Children’ July 15, 2018
Wish I had a picture of a bull to illustrate exactly what type of fecal matter this particular likely fake Pearl story is..

Gabriel Pearl has been largely absent from his parents ministry No Greater Joy for quite some time now. He’s been the focus of a nasty common law divorce with allegations of his committing physical abuse and trying to weasel out of paying large child support payments if the court papers on file are anything to go by. Gab is now trying to project himself as a protector of children. Sorry, Gabe, but guys that protest their child support obligations and have allegations of abuse cannot be really considered protectors of children. (thanks to our commenter Cynthia for the link to the court filing)

The rotten apple did not fall far from the abusive tree apparently. The parental rehabilitation of Gab’s reputation.

Here Gabriel rambles on about the nature of bears and how he was recruited by a pedophile:

Wow. Gab made a lucky escape. But I have to believe that after Michael Pearl recovered from his shock he got up, got his belt and beat Gab within an inch of his life for going off with a stranger.

Yes, it’s absolutely our jobs as parents to teach and warn when needed. It’s also our jobs to provide for the child’s needs and not to abuse them by beating them with a plumbing line.

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  • Tawreos

    Do we have more pedophiles today than we used to, or do we now live in a society where kids are trained to tell people what happened to them no matter what they are told by their abuser? Maybe it seems like we have more because what used to only be reported in the local paper will now be available to be seen by the whole world within a matter of seconds. BTW what kind of place allows people to bring kids to a place where a known pedophile is hanging out, other than church on Sunday that is?

    I think we know why they scrubbed the website of all mentions of abuse. If their son is being accused of being an abuser it would be best to remove all traces of the instruction manual that he used.

  • Mimc

    Crime has been going down in the US for 30 years. The idea that there are more predators than there used to be is unlikely.

  • Back in the early 80s I remember “stranger danger do’s and don’ts” that instructed kids about dealing with strangers. People became much more aware, taught their kids, and more kids spoke up. I remember a guy in a van tried to lure my friend and me at a park (how cliche), and we ran screaming to our moms.

  • SAO

    The premise of this seems to be that if a parent is known as a ‘bear’, their children will be safe or safer from predators. This implies the pedophile thinks that he won’t get away with groping or raping Michael Pearl’s son, because Pearl would . . .what? Pursue legal charges? Get out his shotgun?

    Frankly, I suspect that a Pearl child would be inclined to not say anything for fear of endless scorn and beatings from Dad about being so unmanly and gay. Thus, I’d bet Pearl kids make more attractive prey than kids with less abusive parents. Further, Pearl taught his kids instant obedience to authority, so predators could more easily ask for sleezy things without the kid feeling able to say no.

  • AFo

    Is this Gabe’s warning shot to his ex? She must be feeling mighty grateful for that restraining order right about now.

  • mashava

    Isn’t it fascinating how the Pearls make perfect, godly children that never manage to do anything you would expect a ‘perfect’ child to do?

    I wasn’t scared of people I didn’t know, but there is no way I would have ever walked off with someone I did not already know who just claimed to know my mother. And without even telling my parents I was going off with so-and-so!

    I guess it could be a sign of the times since I turned 11 in 2006 (stranger danger!), but one would think…

  • I stated many times here before, the Evagelicals lust for corporal punishment will be the hill they will die on. Public is turning on this behavior, like sex abuse people wil become more willing to report and and it will be easier thanks to the digtal age to catch people. It is why they push that RELIGOUS FREEDOM excuse it will be all they have left.

  • Iain Lovejoy

    Gabe Pearl did what he was trained by his parents to do: he obeyed the adult without question. He was lucky, because his parents had made him ideal prey: he would never have said “no” to an adult and would have learnt from an early age never to talk to or tell anything to an adult if at all possible, because they are never sympathetic to any hurt, and will more likely beat you because you are bound to have done something wrong.
    Gabe Pearl’s sad macho posturing is him telling himself he is not a failure as husband and father because no-one would dare touch big bad Gabe’s property, even though in fact his property wife has dared to dump his sorry ass and take him to court. The only people who were ever afraid of “big bad Gabe” aren’t afraid of him any more.

  • Finding Home

    I think it’s more interesting that Gabe spent an hour and a half alone with a pedophile and supposedly nothing happened. Sometimes I wonder if all of the lucky escapes I read about in fundie cultural actually happened that way, or if they’ve made up another story and convinced themselves it’s true to avoid the blame and shame and guilt that would result otherwise. Especially since he’s a man–he could simply never admit to being molested.

  • bekabot

    If you mess with my cub, you get the full bear treatment.

    A strong and stern suspicion abides in my gut that the Michael Pearl version of this dictum goes a little something like this: “If you mess with my cub, you get the full bear treatment, but if I mess with your cub, it’s my natural right, and if I mess with my cub…well, he’s my cub after all, and it’s not the job of an outsider to come between a Papa Bear and his cubs.”

    But it’s nothing I can prove.

  • Bravo Sierra

    What message does this send to the parents of kids who have already been abused by people they trusted?

  • Daffodil

    Especially since the statistics show that the vast majority of abuse is perpetrated by someone the child is related to or knows very well.

  • Saraquill

    According to one of Debi’s “Yell and Tell” books, male masturbation is a predatory behavior. Debi also takes a dim view of those who have yelled and told.

    Hence I find it weird Debi and Michael took the words of children seriously in this instance, nor did they beat Gabe or gaslight him into believing he’s as much of a deviant as the other man.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    I guess the lesson is supposed to be, never trust adults, not even your own parents?

  • Quinsha

    I learned that one when I was five.

  • persephone

    The problem has always been, though, that it’s much more likely that an abuser is known to the victim, often a relative, or close family friend, which just makes the child reporting the issue even harder, as too often the family will immediately side with the abuser, with the classic “[Abuser] would never do that.” Look at how Cissy Houston is totally denying the sexual abuse Whitney reported.

  • Cynthia

    I am close to a family which was super-protective of their youngest child, the only girl. The news scared them so they didn’t trust any daycare or outside babysitter. Instead, the grandparents babysat – and the little girl eventually disclosed that grandpa had been molesting her from the age of 5. Stranger danger actually put her in danger.