When Quiverfull Enforcers Have Maids and Order Everyone to Stay Home and Clean?

When Quiverfull Enforcers Have Maids and Order Everyone to Stay Home and Clean? July 7, 2018

Now I do not know for sure that Darla Shine is actually Quiverfull or just another borderline Evangelical. She is White House Communications Chief and former Fox News co-president Bill Shine’s wife. Shine is in the news today because Mediaite wrote about her awful tweets. Many are racist, and most echo the unlovely sentiments tweeted by our president Donald Trump. But that is not what caught my eye, it was her blog – Darla Shine’s Happy Housewives Club. Looking through her site all I could think is to wonder why Quiverfull enforcers have maids and order everyone to stay home and clean.

Apparently Darla wrote a  book about her journey into becoming a happy housewife and deciding to promote it as the only way over ten years ago. Just like Debi Pearl, Nancy Campbell, Lori Alexander and a million others. Find a way that works for you and push it on everyone else.

What is interesting about Shine’s site is a couple of things. First, she is dressed in a way that most of the other cultural enforcers would decry, sweetheart top with no shoulders and sleeves, fake tanned, blowout professionally coiffed. Nothing modest here. Also nothing that can be easily perfectly maintained without household staff.

Plus all the images shown on the site are of airbrushed illustrations that are more reminescent of the 1950s Playboy artist LeRoy Neiman than real life.

The second thing is that while there is no overt mention of religous beliefs is that it is pure Evangelical Female Cultural Enforcer, right down to the no paragraph blocks of rambling text.

Take a small gander:

Hard to screen cap that huge wall of text. The unquoted parts include the usual demonization and lies about feminism and feminists.

Here’s the thing. Working outside of the house is fine. So is staying home. So is doing all your own housework. So is bringing in household staff. None of that is a moral or religious choice. It’s all strictly personal.

What I find offensive with this bunch is their insistence on own their way being the ‘right’ and ‘Godly’ way.

Most of her tweets seem to indicate that Darla Shine is just a richer version of white supremacy shill and mommy blogger begging for  money Ayla Stewart.

As we get more of these women and men connected to the current administration with these toxic ties to Quiverfull beliefs I’ll be posting them here. The hypocracy is breathtaking.

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  • lady_black

    I had a happy marriage and raised three great kids, all while having a career and/or being a student for most of the time. And yes, I even managed to be at my mother’s deathbed. It’s nice having a nurse in the family to augment the excellent care given by hospice. I could collaborate with the hospice RN to care for my mother, and make life easier for Dad.
    My kids didn’t suffer at all. They have two parents. The only thing necessary is for the two spouses to be supportive of one another, and to expect the children to pull their weight at home, too. You don’t need to limit yourself to domestic drudgery, and you don’t need to be and do absolutely everything for your children. And you certainly don’t need an overgrown baby in the form of a husband.

  • persephone

    Mrs. Shine obviously didn’t homeschool those kids, because the misspellings and grammatical errors in that one screencap are impressive.

  • SAO

    It is tough to raise a family if both parents are working. Maybe the government should fix that. Most other developed countries have better support for parents.

  • firebubbles310

    To be fair, their version of homeschool would produce such English skills.

  • Robert Baden

    If they are working the same shift. Different shifts might stress the marriage some.
    My dad worked during the day, while mom was an RN who worked night shift.

  • At best.

  • Is anyone surprised at the prevalence of “Do as I say, not as I do” among these types?

  • Saraquill

    If nothing’s more important than raising good people, why no push for stay at home dads?

  • SAO

    Most career-level jobs are 9 to 5, often with expectation that ambitious people will work well beyond that. When I worked for Price-Waterhouse, the assumption was that you’d certainly stay until 6, if not 7 or 8. When I was looking for a new job, I started leaving at 5. I was the first to leave. No one else was even winding down.

    My husband’s job had long hours, a lot of travel and several major moves. None of that is easy to manage if there’s another career and kids. Frankly, we did better income-wise with me as a SAHM and him with his career than trying to juggle two careers.

    Once, my son was in the hospital and I had a stomach bug, so my husband had to skip an important meeting to be with son, who was very scared. My husband’s boss was furious and retaliated. Luckily, my husband was already recruited for another job, since he couldn’t stand his boss. (No surprise there).

    My brother was put on the layoff list because he was taking parental leave and when his boss said he should get back to work he refused because the newborn was released from the hospital and his wife wasn’t well enough to go home. The boss found it hard to defend the value of a male employee who was so undedidicated to his work as to take paretal leave when he was needed at work.

  • Mimc

    Wow! I’m glad my husband and I work at a place were we are only asked to work overtime occasionally and they don’t penalize for taking parental leave. In fact I got a promotion my first month back from maternity leave. When our baby was in the hospital longer than expected my husbands boss offered to donate some of his PTO. I can’t even imagine anyone at this company getting mad at either of us for taking time to be with our kid in the hospital. Sorry your brothers boss sucks. I hope he fines a better place to work.

  • SAO

    He found a better job, later. And actually, he wasn’t laid off from that one because someone else in the department was planning to quit the next week and suggested he be swapped for my brother, who, with a newborn and a sick wife, was in no position to go job hunting.