Provoking Men to Lust?

Provoking Men to Lust? August 18, 2018

This is from the Facebook page of the same woman that has that crazy When Queens Ride By blog. If you remember it was promoting the story from the 1930s that all you need to be happy is lipstick, a pretty dress and a clean home. Her name is Suzanne Chanis and she frequently goes by the moniker of Prudently At Home at Lori Alexander’s blog and on Facebook. This meme was posted up on her Facebook and reminds me yet again that nasty birds of the same shaming feather always flock together.

Ladies I give you Lori Jr.

Let’s face it, there are even those men that would lust over an exposed ankle, so going around trying not to provoke lust by your apparel is a losing proposition. Even if you wore a floor length burqa with a view obscuring your face. If a man lusts the problem is with him. He should look away if seeing someone makes him horny. We are all guardians of our own eyes and thoughts.

Curiously lately I have noticed that those wanna be female cultural enforcers that hang out at The Transformed Wife have been taking down their blogs lately, including a few we have quoted. I wonder why.

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