Men Cannot Decorate or do Laundry?

Men Cannot Decorate or do Laundry? December 24, 2018

You know, the guys in Quiverfull seem like the weakest, wimpiest, and most useless guys on this planet and many others. Today Nancy Campbell is saying that only women can do things like decorate a house, or make a meal. While there are those men that live like bears with furniture when single, there are fewer and fewer of them as time goes by. Nancy’s claims that men decorate or do laundry on Above Rubies just sounds like so much old made up gender nonsense from the 1950s now.

Nancy Campbell skips right over a class of men that do the decorating thing better than most women – interior designers. Making a house look good enough to live in is not strictly a gendered thing, and I’m not talking about any gay stereotype pushed by Hollywood as designers either.

Some of the best chefs are male, some of the best fashion designers too. Everything on her list with the exception of carrying and birthing babies has zero exclusivity to males or females.

That image she brings up of a two-timing Satan is pretty laughable too. In Nancy’s world Satan seems to have more powers than God, but I guess that is just the fundytown fear mongering she always puts on.

This holds an extra bit of absurdity as we go into the holiday season and there are lots of wonderful men cooking, cleaning and helping out in every way. Men aren’t handicapped like she claims.

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