Girls Should Marry After First Menstruation?

Girls Should Marry After First Menstruation? June 7, 2019

Once upon a time I used to know a man that loved to bust out stomach-turning sayings. Uncouth things like how your honeymoon was over if someone released flatulence in the bed. One of his favorite horrible sayings was ‘Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed,’ which is what Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is pushing today in his blog.

Will not be linking to the piece as I have no wish to push up Larry’s Google ratings. It is the top one on his site as I write this titled “Would Society Be Better If Girls Married As Soon As They Menstruated?” Trust Larry to always take the explanation or choice that directly involves getting more sex. For Larry every single thing always boils right down to sex for him.

In this piece Larry explains away the statistics from legitimate organizations that show what a horrid idea it is for young women to marry. He claims that the statistic showing worst outcomes in maternal deaths and dead babies from teen mothers are all abortions and Sub Sahara Africa. That having a baby at a young age is not risky at all.

Statistics showing increased domestic violence he does not even attempt to explain away. He states we cannot throw away a Godly principal because a few sinful men will light up their teen brides like they are in a cage match. Collateral damage for teen marriage according to Larry.

One of his most disgusting defenses is over the fact that teen marriage curtails education. So what? Larry states that women should not be owning property, voting, working, having careers at all? His justification? He claims that women not being virtual slaves to their husbands creates all of the divorce and sin in our culture.

Let’s see to sum it up simply:

  1. A few dead girls and babies are no big thing.
  2. A few beaten and abused girls are no big thing.
  3. Women should have zero rights.

Okay, then. He goes on to claim that everyone that menstruates is an adult in the eyes of God and man. Cites scriptures from St. Paul claiming that the ‘flower of her age’ is the correct standard for marriage.

This is all followed by some very disturbingly creepy words about developing breasts and pubic hair. Vaughn Ohlman level creepy, as in fantasizing over young girls.

Larry follows all of this with words on how much more fertile young girls are than women, and how malleable. He thinks husbands should mold everything about their young brides to their own tastes, with no thought of inborn tendencies, wants or personality.

He wraps it all up by saying this:

The answer first from the Bible is “YES”.  But the like many other times we can see how God’s design plays out when we follow it and also when we disobey it.  No one can argue with the cold hard facts that giving women independence from men in general and their fathers and husbands in particular has been good for the institution of marriage which God designed.

By taking away women’s dependence on men we have allowed women to dominate marriage and our society.  Society is now ordered around how people feel rather than duty to God, family and country.

And the invention of the “teenager” as an extension of childhood has not been good for our society.  It has led to rampant immorality and a complete lack of responsibility among our young people today.

What Larry boy is proposing here is illegal and immoral, not to mention very creepy that a middle aged man thinks this way. Once you decide that menstruating 9 or 10 year old is actually a woman it opens the mental flood gates to sexually abuse her. This is thinking that leads straight to pedophilia.

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