Debi Pearl Teaching ‘Neuroplasticity’ ?

Debi Pearl Teaching ‘Neuroplasticity’ ? July 7, 2019

One advantage to being old is that I remember things, old things, patterns of things happening. One thing is for sure, every single age has their buzz words and health ideas that are relentlessly promoted as the answer for everything that later are exposed as useless. Starting all the way back here:

A vibrating belt passive exerciser that ended up doing not much more than jiggling your adipose tissue around. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle! Buzzfeed had someone try to lose weight using one of these beauties and nothing happened.

I have seen it all, from these jigglers all the way through kale, the low fat craze, the cabbage diet, keto, essential oils, vitamin C craze, South Beach, coconut oil, wrapping your waist in Saran wrap, urine drinking and gluten free eating.

Gosh darn it, Snackwells, why did you have to be so bad for us after all. I could have happily lived on your devil’s food cookies!

Some of those things are beneficial for a few. Coconut oil turns out to be a great moisturizer for skin and hair. -Kale chips can be delicious and a modified gluten free helps when my asthma goes over the top insano for a long time. But many are useless beyond separating you from the money in your wallet, and making you feel like you were doing something ‘healthy.’

Now Debi Pearl is promoting a book she’s written on one of the newer health buzzwords Neuroplasicity. Which is a real thing as well as a silly buzzword hijacked by the health woo-woo crowd. It’s the study of how our brains can rewire themselves after damage like a stroke, or understanding how the differences in our brains can affect our lives and how best to handle that. Plus a whole host of other things too lengthy to explain here.

It’s something that some members of the animal kingdom do well that science is studying. Did you know that when a cat has a stroke that their brains rewire so that the cat can continue to function?

He is the tiny middle guy. His name was Lil Bit and this was taken when he was twenty.

I got to see that first hand in my 20 year old cat the last year of his life. He’d have a stroke, fall over, and ten minutes later get up and walk around like nothing ever happened. According to the vet that was what was happening after I rushed the cat there after the first few of these episodes.

Oddly enough Pedro loved to be right by our cockatiel Elvis. They would hang out together inside and outside of the cage. Must have been the brain damage.

Our Siamese Pedro had brain damage that the vet said must have happened when he was a kitten. He could not hold his gaze straight. It always looked like he was reading books with his eyes going back and forth. Neuroplasicity didn’t fix that unfortunately.

It is an exciting field that science is just really starting to scratch the surface of, that holds good implications for recovery from a variety of brain effecting injuries. Very exiting possibilities! Which is why that Debi is likely reading about it post Michael’s stroke.

My new book Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity: A Manual for Mamas introduces, through personal stories as well as quotes from the world of science, what is happening through neuroplasticity that you can use to make your life and that of your children better.

But.. Debi is claiming in her new book a number of things, false things. While it is true that children’s brains are much more maleable and plastic than the brain of an adult you know where she’s going with this.

  • Do you want to raise your IQ or that of your child?

  • Wish your children were not so silly, selfish, or lazy?

  • Would you like to utilize the one area of training that will cause your child’s brain to be much better in all areas?

  • Do you know someone who has had a stroke or has developed Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease? Neuroplasticity can help.

  • Do you want help overcoming your Prozac, over-eating, or over-spending habit?

  • Do you live in a fog, always exhausted, and feel like you are 20 years older than you are? Find out what to do in chapter 8.

  • Is your husband addicted to porn but says he can’t help it? Has he lost his manly interest in you? YEEK, he needs you to read this book to him!

Oh knitter please! You know where Debi is going with all of this without even buying her book. Likely all of the child answers are the same as in their book “To Train Up A Child” – a quarter inch thick piece of plumber line applied harshly to the bare bottom of a child.  Just beat them.

The sad thing is that beating children does change their brains, and not for the better. It sets up a child to struggle with mental health, tendencies towards violence and dysfunction and a whole host of problems. There is reams of scientific proof on the negative effects of child beating online. Like this older article from Psychology Today.

I am sure there is also a  heaping helping of shame mixed in with her child abuse advice as well. Shame and abuse is what the Pearls thrive on.

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