Immigration Bad, Quiverfull Good?

Immigration Bad, Quiverfull Good? July 15, 2019

May I remind you that these Costa Rican school children are not the ‘right’ kind of immigrants for Bayly and pals. These are the same sorts of kids that Bayly wants to out-breed and keep locked up in concentration camps.

It’s not  hard for Tim Bayly of Out of Our Minds to make me drop my coffee cup first thing in the morning by shocking me with his  ill-reasoned ideas. But in this piece Tim is a little extra special bad.  He kills two Quiverfull bugaboos with one rock. Says immigration bad, Quiverfull good.

This piece has it all! Christian martyrbating! Out-breeding scary brown people! Fake claims about immigration in the U.S.! White middle class entitlement!

So much white entitlement going on in this piece. Bayly is upset more good white people are not having babies, that the replacement rate of people in our country is plummeting. He tries to claim that the answer that the U.S.A. practices is replacement by immigration. Not if you are brown!

Who is he kidding? This weekend saw massive ICE raids, removing immigrants from our country. We’re being torn apart over the issues of who is worthy to enter our country. There are literally thousands of small children locked up in what amounts to concentration camps merely because they and their parents dared to try for the “American Dream” Denied of even basic necessities and held illegally. Desperate people running from violence, poverty, government upheavals and drug violence.

Oh, but that’s right, they are brown people, poor brown people, not the white Christians that Tim Bayly and others want to breed. Did you know that Quiverfull started as a way to outbreed Muslims and other scary brown people? Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies has admitted as much.

So Tim Bayly reports on an action taken by an all white European nation as the solution to our problems. Here’s his list of what Hungary does.

Rather than coping with its below replacement level birthrate by immigration as the United States and Western Europe do, Hungary has decided they want more Hungarian children. Here are some of the government incentives they have implemented:

  • Government loans exceeding $35,000 to women when they marry before the age of 40

  • Forgiveness of one-third of the loan upon the birth of a second child

  • Forgiveness of the balance of the loan upon the birth of a third child

  • Lifelong exemption from income tax after mother has four children

  • Subsidies for housing that increase with family size

  • Subsidies for cars with seven or more seats

Sounds, dare I say, communist or socialist. I’m pretty sure that Bayly does not understand that in Europe having a child is very different. A European parent has many more government helps and supports than in the U.S. Even as far back as Hitler and the Nazi government.

I remember the years I lived in Germany finding out that the German government had payments put in place that allowed working mothers to stay home much longer, we’re talking years, than anything in the States. Here it’s usually six weeks unpaid leave and you go right back to work.

Governments working to help working parents is a good thing that benefits everyone. We need a skilled labor force, safe childcare and the option to stay home if that’s what you decide.

Seeing the approaching storm, governments are desperate for a solution. Most solve it by importing immigrants to do their babymaking and other menial tasks. This is the approach we here in the United States of America have taken.

Hungary decided otherwise. She likes herself, so she decided Hungarians should make babies.

Hungarian Vice President Szilárd Németh remarked, “those who pump the world full of babies will rule the earth.” Or more crassly in the original, “aki teleszüli a világot, azé a világ…”

Again, how is the U.S. solving their replacement rate if immigration is at a sort of standstill at the moment? It’s not like scads of white people from the approved countries Bayly and others of his ilk are rushing to come here.

Nemeth’s line about pumping the world full of babies in context of taking over and ruling has been the fantasy of every single Quiverfull enforcer. A world that can be ruled like Hulu’s show “The Handmaid’s Tale” with the twisted evil interpretation of the Bible being the only law. The show at least exhibits how poorly that works out for everyone.

Bayly ends his piece with an almost non-sequitur, a tale of some pal of his being prosecuted in a court of law for making his pile of grandkids double up on seatbelts. Safety laws exist for a reason and being Quiverfull, white and Christian does not exempt people from obeying the law. Weird ending to a piece.


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