Romance is Dead in Quiverfull Plus Nazis?

Romance is Dead in Quiverfull Plus Nazis? July 12, 2019

It’s Friday and I think what I am going to start doing once a week, either Friday or Saturday is post all the lovely, lovely memes we either make or run up upon. Today is the romance killing babble of two of our favorites – Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog and Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife. 

Plus some bonus material, when Lori met Nazi Anti Semites and approved.

Ah, Doug! Him of the potato salad tossing as the grand romantic gesture in his romance novel. I bet he gets all the women fawning over him. Who doesn’t love being treated like a cross between a stubborn child, mule and appliance?

And Lori. I made this meme today after reading a page of Lori’s newest book “Biblical Womanhood: A Study Guide”  that orders you to love your husband, but not romantic love or any emotions. You are compelled to love him with a duty love.

I would almost agree with her here, except that what she misses is that emotions and feelings wax and wane in relationships and it’s better to be focused on the big picture of your marriage. Not blow it up after a bad day, to realize there are peaks and valleys. You’re not going to feel that insane white hot love feeling you felt on your wedding day every second of every day. Realize that, and move on. Grant mercy. But we all can see just how merciful she is.

Now, I did Nazi this coming…….

People that call you out for being a racist are not trolls. They are folks with a pretty good idea which way your hateful ideology goes. How can you  hate Jews and claim to love Christ, who was a Jew?

Edited to add: Lori has now put out one of her handwritten tropes about how racism is absolutely wrong, even if she likes remarks by antisemitic and when guys like Faithful Nation post defending her. Take a quick look at the open anti antisemitism at Faithful Nation’s website –

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