Doug Wilson, the Confederate Flag and Abortion?

Doug Wilson, the Confederate Flag and Abortion? August 19, 2019

I was torn this morning, initially going to post how it seems Megan Van Vuren has taken over most positions at No Greater Joy since Michael Pearl’s stroke, or Lori Alexander’s awful assumptions about women who are not virgins. Then I happened upon this piece at Blog and Mablog by Doug Wilson where he uses his weird love of the confederate flag to condemn abortion. It’s a new adventure in word salad-teering, and it seems to have been written in the aftermath of Dylan Roof murdering people in Charleston, South Carolina. At least, I think it was because a quick search of recent shootings in that area does not pull up mass carnage like Doug claims. Doug Wilson, the confederate flag and abortion. Too weird.

Doug starts by claiming that the confederate flag isn’t that bad, at least not compared to the American flag because of America’s various bloody situations.

None of this has anything whatever to do with a desire for a do-over at Gettysburg. I am carrying no water for a neo-Confederate anything. If you think I am, then that simply means that you are not grasping a point that is dangerous to miss. I am not fighting yesterday’s battles. I am fighting today’s battles and some of tomorrow’s. If you want me to believe that the flag in South Carolina should come down because of sins x, y, and z, then I am simply inquiring why another flag should not come down because of far more heinous sins X, Y, and Z. Don’t accuse me of racialist sins I have despised all my life, and then call me stupid. Answer the question. I’ve got all day.

Because the other flag Doug keeps referring to, insisting others diss it because of Slavery and the treatment of African Americans is our nation’s flag. He does not want to understand that even when bad things happen you don’t just completely discard the flag of your nation. If some liberal suggested we trash the Stars and Stripes because they don’t like our President, as many do not, we would consider it ridiculous. Doug would likely protest that.

The Confederacy is a dead nation. You don’t hang onto the flags of something gone and defeated that symbolizes hatred.

In 1969, the baseball hero Jackie Robinson said this about the American flag in an interview with The New York Times. “I wouldn’t fly the flag on the Fourth of July or any other day . . . When I see a car with a flag pasted on it, I figure the guy behind the wheel isn’t my friend.”

This is not the moment to white-splain to Jackie that this feeling would be appropriate with symbols that were used to oppress his people a century and a half ago, but is not appropriate with regard to what he thinks of as oppression right now. So while I would want to differ with Robinson’s course of action because we see things differently, if we have already admitted the principle that what matters is his feelings and not the facts as understood and processed by millions of other people, and scores of subcultures, where are we?

Robinson’s thoughts on the matter are his own, and it’s disingenuous in the extreme to use them to justify flying the confederate flag. The America Robinson experienced in the past makes his thoughts on the flag understandable.

Just like that Doug jumps to abortion.

From the adoption of the Constitution in 1789 to the outbreak of hostilities in 1861, the American flag flew over race-based chattel slavery, constitutionally recognized. That was 72 years. The Roe v. Wade decision happened in 1973, wrapped up in penumbral evasions and lies, but still done in the name of the Constitution, the flag of which is Old Glory. That means that abortion has been a settled constitutional right for 42 years now. In another 30 years we will have been chopping babies up in the name of the Constitution for as long as blacks were bought and sold under the aegis of the Constitution.

He stops with the flag at this point. Doug continues on, pretending to be the great champion of ‘the blacks’ as he terms it. He bemoans the large numbers of abortions of African Americans, calling it a genocide, going on and on about  how white abortionists and promoters of birth control are the real racists. Not him and his flag.

Doug then goes on to accuse former president Obama, an African American, of being prejudice against other African Americans. It’s frightening the twists and turns Wilson’s mind makes, up is down, right is left.

When it comes to this subject, President Obama is a partial birth abortion ghoul and a large number of people from the soft evangelical middle voted for him. Twice. But what did they vote for when they did that? They voted for the continuation of a policy that on average takes one out of every four black Americans out of line and kills him dead. And everybody who voted for Obama, white or black, voted for that and ought to retire from lecturing anybody else over race relations ever again.

Followed by Doug going on to justify the confederate flag being so innocent, yet not the American one because of abortion. Abortion, which is still legal in many parts of the country. Sorry, Doug, not the same thing, not even close!


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