Doug Wilson – Defining Toxic Masculinity Wrong Again?

Doug Wilson – Defining Toxic Masculinity Wrong Again? October 25, 2019

This is interesting, at least more interesting that Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog’s constant sharing of an old book on rebellion. Doug tries to co-opt the phrase ‘Toxic Masculinity’ as something out of the transgender world. Doug Wilson defining toxic masculinity wrong again. He’s the epitome of all things that genuinely define toxic masculinity.

Here’s Doug tweet and definition:

He is right about one thing. The idea that women born as male are competing professionally against women who were born female is something of a sticky wicket that we’re not managed to clarify yet.

Males traditionally have more muscle than females. Does this give them an advantage? I don’t know, but I do know that the world will have to decide these things. Personally I do not care, let them compete or not compete as you will. Not in my wheelhouse of caring beyond being fair, just and kind to all on the issue. I have confidence that the sporting world will thrash this out properly with the world watching.

But this is NOT what toxic masculinity means. Toxic masculinity has about as much to do with the transgendered world as lipstick does to a pig. Sure, you could put the lipstick on the pig, but it would be mostly meaningless, just like Doug here beating his gums and pulpit over the issues of transgendered people.

Toxic masculinity is judging others as subhuman because they do not line up with your preconceived notions of what gender is. When you limit men to a tiny abusive little box, it’s toxic masculinity. When you insist all men must be a certain way or give up their man card it’s toxic masculinity. When you use the privilege you experience as a man to suppress and harm others it’s toxic masculinity.

Again, this might be a real problem. I don’t know enough about it to sound off, but it’s not toxic masculinity at all. It’s just another opportunity for Doug to exhibit his fear of transsexuals.

I don’t know, Doug. The last time I had to physically defend myself against an attacking male a swift knee to the ‘nads ended the entire episode. Some women take self defense classes, some carry pepper spray or a weapon. Assuming that every woman out there is a helpless little thing that needs a man is the real toxic masculinity in Doug’s thinking here.

What do you think of the issues of transgendered competitors in sports?

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