The Heinous Detestable Act – Sexual Hangups in Evangelicalism

The Heinous Detestable Act – Sexual Hangups in Evangelicalism December 17, 2019

We have to talk about sex again in Quiverfull marriage. Why? Because there are few things in marriage that impact happiness levels than a good sex life that satisfies both partners. This is just another area that Quiverfull seeks full control, the bedroom, when it should genuinely only be between the husband and the wife, not the husband, wife, church and cultural enforcers.

It’s not like they can agree on what constitutes a good healthy marital sex life either. You have guys like Vaughn Ohlman of “What Are You Doing?” that seems to spend way too much time thinking about teenagers having sex, pushing marriage as young teens to keep everyone pure as the driven snow from the demon of lust.

Then you have guys like Larry Solomon from Biblical Gender Roles that seem to believe women never have sexual pleasure so it’s okay to rape your wife after she’s said no for the millionth time. Just do not look at her sinning weeping face while you force her to have sex with you. Larry also believes that porn is okay and if you’re a single woman who wants to be a prostitute that perfectly fine. Oh, and that fathers own a daughters virginity.

These two guys almost completely represent the rainbow of sexual thought in Quiverfull.  The main point being ‘Poppa gets laid like he likes it upon demand and to heck with anyone else.”

What about the ladies I hear you say. Well, that’s where it gets decidedly weirder.

Nancy Campbell (Above Rubies) and many of the other female cultural enforcers, even Debi Pearl (No Greater Joy), skirt around the subject, rarely covering it in any detail. Just saying “Do it when he wants with a smile!” To deny a husband sexual relief when requested and to fail to be joyous about it is a sin according to these ladies.

Yesterday Lori Alexander started bashing oral sex. Not surprising. I would venture to guess in the World According to Lori it is lights on, many on top, get it over with quickly sex only. Lori said that no one talked about oral sex, or even knew it existed until the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewensky scandal but now public schools are filled with oral sodomy galore.

I am roughly in the same age group as Lori, attended private religious schools yet knew about all those things by 1972. But I did live in the hotbed of sin that is South Louisiana instead of a wealthy sheltered community in California. Did Lori genuinely not have friends, or go hang out at the mall, or go to sleep overs? Kids back in those ancient times traded knowledge of sex and the like hanging out together.

Lori behaves as if no one heard of these things before Clinton. Which is pretty funny considering recent archeological digs in Roman ruins have turned out remains of brothels that predate Christ with  painted signage displaying sexual acts like oral sex and the prices for services. As King Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun.

What was interesting about that is that the toxic borderline red pill guys that follow her around were just not having it at all. There was pushback in comments, her Facebook page and the chatroom along with other places. One example:

and then we circle back around to anal sex with Lori Alexander defender and a recent NLQ commenter Silence DoGood who went crazy:

Lori went on to claim that public school is a free floating sea of oral sex. The entire thread on her blog is filled with enormous amounts of fear, lies and hysteria.

What never occurs to Lori is that every couple’s sex life is their business. As long as they are satisfied by what happens in their bedroom it is literally not the business of her, or me, or anything else. Every couple is uniquely different with differing needs and wants. Swinging from the chandeliers or mish posish it’s really no one’s business.

These people literally do not have enough to do if they have to worry about everyone else sexual life.

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