Equal Marriage is Homosexual Marriage?

Equal Marriage is Homosexual Marriage? January 13, 2020

Now I know that Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife spews more claptrap and dirt than the tons flung during the Dust Bowl, but this is a new low. Claiming that marriages that do not immediately produce children are exactly the same as homosexual relationships with no clear delineation of gender roles. This is just simply not true at all!

It’s another combination fear tactic/attempt to go ‘viral’ again. Lori Alexander does not care what type of attention she gets, and negative attention is still attention in the world of attention whoring. Lori is nothing, if not all about any and all attention she can garner. Positive attention builds her flagging self image, negative attention gives her the ability to martyrbate on how persecuted she is. It feeds into the  evangelical persecution syndrome she operates under.

First she quotes an ‘anonymous’ without explaining where she got this. I suspect it’s from one of her many hateful men’s rights federalist white entitlement dudes that hang off her like ticks off a fat doggy.

Let’s see. This whining guy, and I am assuming it is a guy based on whom Lori holds up as the standard, is upset there is no “Me HE-MAN, You cook  brontosaurus, WO-MAN and make with the sex and babies!”  This gendered idea of women staying home popping out babies and only doing certain chores has never really fully truly existed except in upper class Victorian times and in fiction.

In fact, this little section on the roles of women was written by a farmer during the Dust Bowl (my current reading obsession)  in his personal journal. He is talking of the ‘good old days’ of pioneer times of the 1800s  –

“But the women  and children of those times were the ones who face the real hardships and privations. Women’s place in those days was in the home, which usually meant having 2 kids every 3 years and doing as much work as 2 ordinary men and living amid conditions which would cause a common hobo to breathe the open air and face the open road with ‘thanksgiving.’  The men were, in many cases, drunken,  or ingrown religious fanatics  who were worse to live with and deal  with even than the drunks.”  written by Don Hartwell.

So even the writings of the 1930s establish this idea of staying home birthing babies, homeschooling them, cooking and cleaning is only the providence of wealthier women, not those on the ground floor of life, helping husbands farm or build businesses, working like a field hand.

This idea Lori keeps promoting at the ideal of former American womanhood had never really existed on the grand scale she claims. Lori experienced it because she has a husband who could provide tutors, maids and help, just like for a helpless Victorian lady. Lori takes that idiotic anonymous’ words further and starts to complain that no one has honeymoon babies any longer.

And how is it wrong to plan and space your children? Seems to me deliberately poking a hole in your diaphragm to get pregnant to stop working and leach off your husband is far worst of a sin that planning and preparing for children.

What is really evil is not women getting educated, expecting other people living in their homes to help maintain them, or planning pregnancies.  The real evil is an older lady attempting to convince a pile of young gullible ones that her  dream of society that has never been true is how they should live their lives. There’s got to be a special place in hell for people that twist scripture and lie like this.

This has never been how marriages have worked in the history of our country. Plus, many of the marriages of people I’ve personally observed that are same sex are fraught with the same issues as cisgendered peoples marriages.  Relationships aren’t easy.


On a side note I did hear from Alice last night. Her pastor passed the test and told the offenders to knock it off and never do those stupid things again.  Apparently there are a few pastors out there that will do the right thing. Who knew?

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