Lori Alexander is the Grinch Who Ruined Christmas?

Lori Alexander is the Grinch Who Ruined Christmas? March 12, 2020

How are all of you today? Nervous about the stock market drops, Corona virus and any number of things like what will happen next? Let me distract you. This is a Lori Alexander posting from 2015 and I think it’s possibly the worst story yet. I feel like crying every time I read this because I cannot imagine behaving so selfishly and with such cruelty to a baby, toddlers and children.

Let’s unpack the awful, shall we?

Children opening all the presents by 5 am before the parents are up could be disappointing to the parent, but guess what? It is not the end of the world as we know it, it’s not rebellion, it’s not sin. Christmas is a kid-centric holiday.

Here’s what I am curious about. In our family the kids after going downstairs to check and see if Santa brought them something would rush back upstairs and wake us up. Jump in the bed with us, merrily exclaiming how excited they were, begging us to get up and don robes and slippers so that they could open their presents.

There’s just something about all of Lori’s words on making the kids take long naps not to disturb her that makes me wonder if getting out of bed and waking a parent would have been a severely punishable offense in the Alexander household. Even on Christmas day.

Children are not evil little adults scheming to screw everything up. They are tiny people learning with imperfect control. They do not have the same levels of maturity, self control, ability to wait, and come with an ocean of needs that makes what happen seem understandable.

Let’s look at Lori and her reaction. She strikes me here as someone with as much mental buildup for a “perfect” holiday as Clark W. Griswald in “Christmas Vacation.” Unlike Clark’s long rambling rant when things go continually haywire Lori melts down at the first moment things do not go her way. She’s got this built up picture in her mind how her Christmas should be, and she thinks those selfish children have ruined it.

Instead of sighing, and telling the kids “I wish you had waited for Dad and I, but let’s all have breakfast. Merry Christmas” Lori does what someone very immature and narcissistic would do. She goes nuts, whips off what sounds like a Dearfoam slipper and proceeds to beat the hell out of the kids for ruining her personal expectations, her fantasy.

She beat a 1 year old baby! I don’t care how soft that slipper was, her behavior is out of control, evil, selfish and narcissistic.  Not like Jesus in the temple at all, more like a spoiled brat lashing out because someone took her doughnut.

Lori follows all of this by whining to Ken, her husband. What does Ken do? Put a baby, a toddler and two small children outside in winter to think about their sins in the middle of winter. Granted winter is San Diego is mild, but this is not what rational good parents do. Ken’s as evil as she is for enabling her mental illness. This is what enablers do.

There’s nothing in this that is anything like God putting Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. This cruel punishment for the over-excitement of children. Quashed by the cruel self focus of Mama, enabled by weak Daddy. Being forced to apologize. What does that apology even look like in a one year old baby? My heart breaks for these poor kids. What a horror show their entire childhoods must have been, what scars they all must carry?

These are people who should never reproduced ever. This is child abuse. This is cruelty.


And now a little housekeeping here.

First at some point today Jimmy Snow – Mr. Atheist on YouTube – will be releasing a video detailing what we’ve all been following here for years, the approval and promotion of child abuse by Lori Alexander. He has all the screen caps myself and others could scare up. I love Jimmy and his beautiful hair and smiling face. He’s the best. This is going to be epic.

Secondly, the last few days have been filled with good Evangelical trolls on all of our platforms screeching and carrying on. Luckily most of them are caught in the Toxicity filter before it ends up on NLQ. I had to wonder why, but with the continued tanking of the stock market, the fears over Corona virus and the shifting changes in this world that put lie to their worship of Trump and belief that they are protected by God. They are reacting and reacting badly. I will not tolerate this at NLQ. I will ban without warning if one of them shows up to name call. I have even turned off messaging for awhile until we get past this on the NLQ Facebook page. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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