Me & Alaska (Final)

Me & Alaska (Final) April 12, 2006

As with the other Alaskan pics (Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven), click on image for larger version.

The approach by plane to Alaska: I’d been dozing when the Captain announced we were beginning our descent. This was the sight that greeted me as I awoke to look out the window. On enlargement, you can see the frozen ice floe.

Here I am all bundled up like a Nordic version of the Infant of Prague — on the skiff headed toward Spruce Island.

The sand on Spruce Island is black. The white you see here is either shells or snow.

Fr Innocent of Holy Resurrection Cathedral took this pic of me from the porch of St. Nilus Serbian Orthodox Skete.

In the foreground is the monastic garden. What a view, huh?

Some of the Staff from St Herman Seminary near the top of Pillar Mountain. ( L to R) Philip Majkrzak, Instructor of Liturgical Music, Fr Chad, Dean, and Reader Paul Sidebottom, Associate Dean of Academics.

This is a large pond or small lake … either way, one big sheet of ice …

… strong enough to hold Fr Chad’s best friends. (Me? Nope. Wasn’t even tempted.)

That would be me on a hike behind Fr Chad’s home. The following two pics were snapped in his “backyard.”

Finally, a view of Kodiak from up on Pillar Mountain.

St Herman of Alaska, pray to God for us!

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