SYRIA: Bosra’s Citadel & Amphitheater

SYRIA: Bosra’s Citadel & Amphitheater May 7, 2010

This is the second in a 15-part series of pics from Syria.


In my last post of pics from Syria, we ended up heading out into the country …

That, in the distance, is the famed citadel / amphitheater in Bosra.

Following Fr Timon, let’s go in — shall we?

Stopped by the paparazzi, momentarily …

A real live — well, formerly live — MOTE!
CORRECTION: (Sorry, I had a mote in my eye … that should read MOAT!)
Thanks to spell-checker Keith.

Even with reading glasses, I can’t. (Let me know if it says something inappropriate.)

Everywhere around Bosra … ancient Roman ruins.

One of those “I’ll shoot you with my bow-n-arrow” window thingies.

One of those “I’ll chase you down the castle hall with my saber” thingies.

One of those “Whose job to sweep the stairs?” thingies.

Life hasn’t changed much in these parts. This is actually a display in the museum which shows the Salon, the food platter, and the coffee maker.

This museum photo shows the Father of the Groom dancing — dreaming of many grandchildren.

Here, Fr Timon wades through the dancing man’s dream …

This museum photo shows what may become of some of the grown female children. (I did see a few women, both in the country and at market in Damascus, carrying large amounts of stuff on their heads.)

This upper courtyard of the castle displays many Roman ruins.

Arrgh! No wonder they lopped the heads off!

This is the backstage hallway at the amphitheater …

And … Ta-Da! We’re onstage. And, yes, you really can speak in a conversational voice and be heard throughout the venue.

Looking down at the stage from the seats.

“And, there it is. Tune in tomorrow for another edition of Orthodox White Boy spotted in Syria.” [Click this pic to enlarge.]

Oh … and don’t miss the rest of the sights in ancient Bosra, where Fr Timon not only leads the way, he rents us a horse drawn carriage (the only way to fly in these parts!).
[Click pic to enlarge.]

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