SYRIA: Horsin’ ‘Round in Old Bosra

SYRIA: Horsin’ ‘Round in Old Bosra May 8, 2010

This is the third in a 15-part series of pics from Syria.


In the previous post of pics I mentioned riding ’round Old Bosra by horse drawn carriage …


Fr Timon gives instructions. See that guy with the white hat?

This one, with the bag in his hand? This is a salesman; he’s got souvenir and tour guide books for sale. (He also speaks very good English … and, ahem, accepts American dollars.)

The Roman ruins are massive. [Click the pic above to enlarge.]

As were the ancient churches and bath houses.

The remains of the Cathedral of Saints Sergius, Bacchus and Leontius — built in 513.

Facing toward the “altar” in the Basilica of Bahira …

Facing toward the altar in one of the newer churches …

Looking back toward the entrance. (Haa-yuge!)
[Click to enlarge.]

This is a cistern the Romans built to supply the city with water; it, too, is massive.

We stopped by a few churches in the area, and visited several homes. I mentioned this particular Salon in the podcast — where we sat on the floor, hosted by an older couple in very traditional dress.

On the road again. Next stop (very cool): A future monastery.

Podcast – “The Blindside” (in Syria); Article – Antiochian website

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