SYRIA: Where am I?

SYRIA: Where am I? May 11, 2010

This is the fifth in a 15-part series of pics from Syria.


The problem is: I’m lost!

I remember when my wife and I sat with a young couple, years ago, who’d just returned from Alaska …

They had about 400 pictures of beautiful black mountains jutting up out of the ground, snow capped …

They could have all been of the same mountain after a while … and we’d have not noticed.

These pictures (some of them will enlarge; click) are taken around the area of Kharaba and Sweida. That is an old baptismal font.

Alas, I can’t pinpoint the location in my mind’s map. Perhaps someone else whose been to Syria can help.

Is this cool or what?

Cisterns …

Can I tell you a funny story? It’s a true story … Years ago, in Syria, they had an election. But, unlike in America, there was only one candidate running. A man from North Carolina, who did not read Arabic — traveled all over Syria, seeing the political billboards and media ads — and returned home to say: “I couldn’t tell those guys apart!”

Anyway … sorry for the sloppy reporting. We’re headed back toward Sweida and, in our next update, to Latakia.

Podcast – “The Blindside” (in Syria); Article – Antiochian website

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