7 Quick Takes #6 (Or ridiculous happenings at my house)

7 Quick Takes #6 (Or ridiculous happenings at my house) January 15, 2010

You know you may have said something a few to many times when you 3 year old says it. I asked Ms. Action to do something and she responded “Hang on, my milk is coming down.” I was to stunned to reply at first, but since she doesn’t have a nursing child I am forced to conclude that she was copying me and is not at risk of soaking through her shirts while she desperately searches for a nursing pad. I have decided to watch how literal I am around this kid.

In the course of a 5 minute phone call (literally), my toddlers washed down the bathroom using about a half pump bottle of soft hand soap. The entire bathroom reeked of the flowery scent of soap. Drinking cups were slippery with it, towels were smeared with it, a toothbrush was filled with it. A bar of soap was also used to draw on the wall, Thankfully soap washes off fairly easily.

While making this crock-pot meal I heard some strange sizzling noises. I found the lid of the crock pot swimming in some sort of golden liquid. I was baffled until I realized that it was dripping off of the microwave shelf. I had put a pound of butter there to soften, it was mostly melted, but thankfully I caught it before it had completely disintegrated. And the meal didn’t seem any worse off for having a little bit of butter added to it.

While cooking I heard Ms. Action say “Hold still, I cutting you hair” and turned around in time to see Ms. Drama sitting perfectly motionless while Ms. Action gave her some very interesting layers with a single snip of the kitchen scissors.

I made french toast for breakfast and while eating my own slice had the unmistakable taste of garlic in my mouth, (I guess I didn’t clean that pan as well as I thought I did) I mentioned it to my husband and he said “Oh that’s what it was, I thought maybe I was being poisoned or something. Like maybe the egg was rotten.” I have no idea why he just ate the french toast if he had these concerns.

With our kiddos sick this last week, my hubby mentioned that he thought he saw some spit up under the highchair. When I asked Ms. Action what it was she replied “I burped” I quickly asked if she had burped anywhere else and she told me matter-of-factly that she had burped in the sink too, but that was it. Sure enough, there was a small amount of vomit in the bathroom sink. Ms. Action sure seemed unfazed by it all, and as far as I know has had no further problems with “burping”.

Ms. Drama’s favorite thing to do right now is follow me around with a ponytail saying “help” and pointing to her head. No sooner do I put it in her hair then she pulls it out and resumes following me, repeating her request with a big smile on her face. This can continue the entire day.

And as a bonus:
While I was changing the baby’s diaper my toddlers took one bite out of every freshly baked muffin cooling on the counter and carefully replaced them. I am still not sure why they did this.

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